Is a chlorine system or a salt water system better for a Gunite pool?

A salt water pool chlorinating system works just fine in a gunite pool. It makes Little difference what sort of pool you put it in.

A salt water system as stated above does use the salt to make chlorine. However, the benefits of a salt water system are the ease of use, virtually no irritation to the eyes, and the cost of salt being less than that of other chlorine systems. For example, it requires approximately 25lbs of salt per 1,000gals of water per season. So if you have a 10,000gal pool it would require approx. 250lbs of salt a season. The last bags of salt I bought for our pool was $6.50 for a 50lb bag. So based on the 10,000gal scenario, I'll have a $32.50 cost per season. Way cheaper than traditional chlorine systems. Ease of use --- I have personally found it so easy to use that I don't even maintain the pool anymore and have delegated that responsibility to my 12yr old son and 10yr old daughter. Yes, they do come to me and ask me questions every now and then about what to do, but the salt water system does not usually require my hands on attention. For all intent and purposes, the salt water system is maintenance free in comparison with that of a traditional chlorine system. The salt water system is so easy to use by the average pool owner that they do not require the use of a professional pool maintenance company for chemical management. Which means a savings of a lot of $$$ per season.

When calculating your yearly costs for the Salt system ,you should also add in an additional $100 to $150 per year to balance out the replacement of the Flowcell that will need to be done on average every 3 to 5 yrs. The systems are still really convenient,and do save you from actually having to physically handle the Chlorine. Ernie from

Salt systems have been called a "green alternative" to chlorine systems; they are not. A salt system simply uses NaCl (salt) to generate/make hypochlorous acid, which is chlorine. The only real difference is a "feel thing", since now you not only have chlorine, which is a toxin, but you now have salt, which is a corrosive. Just ask anyone who's having to replace their $1,200.00 salt system after a short 3-4 years. Salt system "sellers" do not necessarily reveal this to you when selling you the system. Before "converting" to a salt system, research the new "truly green" alternative systems, like Nature Boy™ Advanced, which uses a new, "copper pentahydrate" solution. Joe from

A better salt system chlorinator that I would recommend would be Saltron Retro by Aquatron.