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Is a chlorine system or a salt water system better for a pool with an automatic cover?


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It should not make any difference one way or another.

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An Automatic Pool Cover is an automatic pool cover system that covers and uncovers a pool automatically. The Auto Pool Reel is similar to manual pool cover and reel but fully automatic. No manual effort is required just push a button.

you must heat it up and then do electroysis u better cover your nose from chlorine

No! the floater should never have to be placed under neath the cover. The reason is that the chlorine is not moving around the pool so it will be in one position and eventually eat through the cover. Always keep your cover off when adding chlorine and when chlorine tablets are in a floater.

A good way to lower chlorine is to give it a day without the cover in the sunlight. The sunlight will lower your chlorine significantly.

Hi,We've got a 15 foot above ground KD pool that we use with a Chlorease system. We have some issues with the chlorine getting too high when the solar cover stays on. We solved this by running the system on a timer--but overall it works great.BizA saltwater pool is a still a chlorine pool these pools are set with an electronic system that converts part of the salt usually sodium chloride into chlorine. Magnesium chloridewith potassium chloride is used in a similar system.

You shouldn't. The solar cover will keep the chlorine from disolving in the sun. Take the cover off and shock the pool. When the chlorine drops to a normal level cover the pool again if you use a blanket.

You are probably not going to remove the "stain" from the cover. It has been bleached of all pigment.

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Chlorine causes the entire blanket to degredate. It won't last as long as the manufacturers claim and the higher the chlorine level, the harder it is on your cover.

Here are a few suggestions: 1. Use test strips to test for chlorine, pH, and alkalinity rather than using "test tube" kits. The strips are fast and will tell you all you need to know. 2. Install an in-line chlorine feeder. This will slowly feed chlorine into the pool automatically. You can adjust the amount of chlorine via a dial on the outside of the unit. 3. Cover the pool with a quality pool cover. This will help keep the pool clean, reduce chlorine usage, and reduce the need to vacuum. 4. Install an automatic timer for the filter (if you don't already have one). This should reduce the amount of time it takes to keep the pool running to a minimum. Hope this helps ...

The easiest way is to just wait a couple of days the chlorine levels will drop on their own. Also, if you use a pool cover, leave it off. This allows free Chlorine to evaporate from the surface. === ===

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Put a cover on the pool to minimise sunlight on the water

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Pool worms they come from the trees and blow into the pool. Keep up on the chlorine, make sure the levels are right and use the pool cover when it is not in use. The chlorine will eventually kill them and they will be filtered out.

The actuator is in the top of the valvebody. You would need to take off the top cover of the trans. and then the cover of the actuators.

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it doesnt really matter although it is probably better if you cover it : )

The swimming pool is a great thing to have in the backyard on those stifling, humid summer days. What better way is there to relax after work than to take a dip in your own pool. However, there needs to be a pool cover to keep the pool water clean, and keep the pool safe from any children sneaking in without adult supervision. A very new, safe and efficient pool cover is the automatic swimming pool cover. The pool’s heating bills can be cut by 85% and also cut back on 93% of water evaporation. The cover will keep the pool cleaner from insects and leaves. This swimming pool cover not only saves energy, but also saves water, money and most importantly, lives. An average of 19,000 gallons of water can be saved each year with this automatic cover. Lower heating bills will save money. The most important reason for this kind of cover is the fact that it saves lives. Even though you may have a fence around the pool, and an alarm set if someone goes in the water, a person can still drown in a short time by being in the water alone. With the pool cover there, the person will stay on top of the cover and not even be able to go down into the water. This is certainly a peace of mind when your pool is closed for the evening, or when no one is home. The automatic pool cover has a powerful waterproof motor. It can be operated by a wireless touchpad and a touchpad to add security. There is practically zero maintenance involved with this automatic pool cover. A long warranty comes with the purchase of the cover that may exceed other pool covers in the business. If the swimming pool is small or mid-sized, a manual pool cover using a hand crank and a rope tether will also work well. It will still provide the safety and cleanliness as the automatic pool cover. For those pools that experience winter weather parts of the year, a pin-down mesh or vinyl pool cover can do the same job as the automatic pool covers. The automatic will probably not work as well in the winter and snowy weather, so a pin-down model will be just a advantageous.

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Remove the cover. Under the cover there is a C-clip. Remove it and the rest comes out.

You can not use a floating chlorine dispenser and a solar pool cover at the same time. The solar blanket sits on the surface of the water, thus, a floating dispenser would be unable to float freely. It would end up sitting in one spot, unable to circulate in the water. This would result in spot chlorine damage to your solar blanket, and possibly to your pool finish.

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