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Is a fiberglass or vinyl or gunite pool the best?

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2006-08-15 20:37:51

Depends on the type of pool, i.e. inground or above ground pool.

* My brother has had an inground vinyl lined pool for at least

twenty years. He ives in an area which is southwest of New Orleans.

That pool has survived more pool parties, hurricane parties,

followed by hurricanes themselves (including Katrina) without a

tear nor a leak. My above ground pool is a Doughboy and it has the

side walls concreted into the ground. It is now eight years old. It

survived hurricanes Lily, Katrina, and Rita in just the past 4

years. However, if you can afford it, gunite is probably the best.

Around this area, fiberglass is often too light in weight and will

float up with floods.

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