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Q: Is an Alford Plea admissible in a US military court?
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What Is an Alford Plea?

An Alford plea is a plea in a criminal court in which the defendant does not admit guilt but concedes the government has sufficient evidence to convict.

A decision from which one can not back?

An Alford plea.

Can the sentence on an alford plea be appealed or reconsidered?

Perhaps. It depends upon the state in which the accused agreed to make ab Alford Plea and accept sentencing, rather than stand trial. In many states such a plea is easily overturned and the case continued or dismissed.

Can the sentence on an alford plea be appealed or reconsidered in the state of La?

I strongly suggest you consult an attorney before considering it. Are you certain you want to run that risk? It was YOU that offered the Alford plea. You had the option of going to trial - but obviously chose not to.

How many ways can you plead in a US court of law?

The first point is to understand that there are multiple types and levels of courts within the US judicial system. A plea is an accused person's formal reply to a charge in a criminal court:Guilty - A plea by a defendant who does not contest a charge.Not Guilty - A plea of legally innocent of a crime which they have been accused.No Contest - To not admit the charge, but have no means to dispute it that the court will recognize. (Latin term nolo contendere)An Alford Plea results with the court finding the defendant guilty or the defendant pleading guilty but not necessarily admitting to all the facts of the crime. It's usually made in conjunction with a plea agreement. The defendant doesn't admit the criminal act but concedes the prosecution has enough evidence to prove the charges. Alford pleas are treated differently in different jurisdictions and can result in different outcomes under various state laws.

What is North Carolina vs Alfred?

This was a case that was tried, and established the Alford Plea. Essentially, a person charged with a crime can please 'no lo', guilty, not guilty, or Alford. Alford establishes that the accused admits no crime, but only admits that if the case were to be tried with a jury, there is a possibility that he/she may be convicted.

Are plea bargining becoming increasingly rare especially in urban court systems?

It is false that plea bargaining is becoming increasingly rare, especially in urban court systems. A plea bargain is also referred to as a plea agreement.

Is a plea the same as a conviction?

No, they are not synonymous. A 'plea' is what THE DEFENDANT OFFERS to the court. A CONVICTION is the 'finding' of the court after considering all evidence and testimony.

How do you take a plea agreement back to court?

you have to get to together and file a court paper

Can you change A plea from not guilty to guilty a week before my court hearing at the magitrate?

Yes, you can change your plea to guilty at any time up to - and including - your court appearance.

What does the word plea pack mean in a court of law?


What is the purpose of plea bargaining?

To settle out of court for a lesser charge.

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