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Is avodart better then propecia at growing hair?


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February 06, 2014 12:43PM

Yes, it is possible that Avodart (dutasteride) is better than Propecia (finasteride) for regrowing hair. Avodart blocks both types of DHT receptors, while Propecia blocks the most common type. Propecia (or Proscar which is also finasteride, but in 5mg tablets instead of 1mg) is often less expensive and easier to get.

Now, one word of warning. Pregnant women or women likely to become pregnant anytime soon should avoid coming into contact with broken tablets of either medication. It is common practice for men taking Propecia to get their doctor to give them the stronger version, Proscar, instead, and then to divide them into 4 or more pieces. Some will grind them up and mix them with filler to make even more in capsule form since even 1mg per day is much more than necessary. So if you cut or reformulate them in any way, you need to make sure to keep women of child-bearing age away unless they are taking birth control pills.