Is bread mold a parasite or a saprophyte and why?

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Bread mold i not a parasite. It is a saprophyte. Parasites live off of living organisms and saprophytes live off of decaying organic matter. Saprophytes are of the Kingdom Fungi. They release digestive enzymes into the immediate environment witch breaks down organic matter so the fungi can absorb the digested food through their cell wall. Bread is non living organic matter.
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What is the difference between saprophytic and parasitic bacteria?

Saprophytic is another way to say decomposers. Parasitic bacteriaparasitize other organisms while they feed off of their insides.Saprophytic (decomposers) bacteria feed off of

What is saprophytic and parasitic nutrition?

SAPROPHYTIC NUTRITION : . Feeding on dead & decaying matter such as dead leaves in the soil or rotting tree trunk is callled saprotrophic nutrition.. Eg : . Neothia(b

What is the difference between a parasite and a saprophyte?

a parasite is in or living host. parasite derives nutrients fromliving organisms. example cuscuta (amarbel). a saprotroph lives ondead and decaying matter. they derives nutrie

Is the mushroom a parasite or saprophyte?

Most mushrooms are saprophyte. Reason why is because mushrooms live on dead or decaying material. A parasite is a plant or organism that lives in or on another plant or organi

What is the difference between parasitic and saprophytic nutrition?

Saprophytic Nutrition - Many organisms absorb fluid food through the body surface. Bacteria & fungi flourish on dead & decaying organic matter of both plant & animal origin..
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Is a bread mold parasitic saprophytic or autotrophic?

None of the above :) Bread mold is heterotrophic, meaning realize on other organisms for food. (compare to definitions below) parasitic: organism that feeds on another living
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Are saprophytes a kind of parasites?

Saprophyts are not parasites as they take food from dead ordecaying orgnisams. Whereas parasites take food from livingorgnisams
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Is bread mold a saprophyte?

Correct, bread mold is a saprophyte. It consumes dead organic matter.