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Is cacl2 an isomer?

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No. CaCl2 is neither ans isomer, nor does it have isomers.

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Which isomer packs more efficiently in the solid phase Cis isomer or Trans Isomer?

trans isomers

How many moles of CaCl2 contain 1.26x1024 formula units of CaCl2?

1 mole CaCl2 = 6.022 x 1023 formula units CaCl2 1.26 x 1024 formula units CaCl2 x 1mol CaCl2/6.022 x 1023 formula units CaCl2 = 2.09 moles CaCl2

Are glucose and galactose a structural isomer or a geometric isomer?

Structural isomers.

What is the isomer of ethanol?

Ethanol has no structural isomer because of its short chain

Is CaCl2 an electrolyte?

CaCl2 is a strong electrolyte.

What is the name of CaCl2?

CaCl2 is calcium chloride.

What is the empirical formula for CaCl2?

The empirical formula for CaCl2 is cannot simplify it any furthur.

What compound does CaCl2 make?

It depends on what it's reacting with. If it's not reacting with anything, then CaCl2 makes...CaCl2.

An isomer of a compound with the formula c2h6 would have the formula?

C2H6 and isomer would have the same simple chemical formula. In the case of this molecule though, an isomer is not possible.

What is the mass of 2.430 mole of CaCl2?

2.430 moles CaCl2 x 110.98 g CaCl2/mole CaCl2 = 269.7 grams (4 sig figs)

Is ethanol a structural isomer?

Yes. Ethanol is a structural isomer of dimethyl ether. CH3OCH3.

Is dimethyl ether a structural isomer?

Yes it is. It's structural isomer is ethanol C2H5OH

Dissociation equation of CaCl2?

CaCl2 → Ca2+ and 2Cl-

What does cacl2 stand for?

The name of CaCl2 is Calcium Chloride

What is the compound name for CaCl2?

Calcium chloride (CaCl2).

Is CaCl2 formed by a covalent bond?

No. CaCl2 is ionic.

Will CaCl2 dissolve in octane?

No. CaCl2 will not dissolve in octane.

Why is trans isomer more stable than cis isomer?

Because , Cis isomer are same group on same side of the c=c bond . & those are bulky group on the same side , they are formed steric repulsion to each other then Cis isomer are less stable than trans isomer is same group of opposite side of c=c bond no formation of steric repulsion to each other. and trans isomer is more stable than Cis isomer.....

Is hydrogen an isomer?


Is CO2 an isomer?


Is C2H2 an isomer?


What is an isomer of a particular molecule?

An isomer shares the same number of the same atoms, but they are configured differently.

Is benzenepropanol an optical isomer or a geometrical isomer and why?

No, it is NOT either both. Besides 'benzenepropanol' is not an official name.

How many part of isomer?

If you mean what is an isomer then it is a compound with the same chemical formula but with a different structure

Is CaCl2 a compound?

Yes, CaCl2 (calcium chloride) is a compound.