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Is changing the transmission oil in 94 grand jeep Cherokee good maintenance?

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2006-07-04 17:02:20

hello, if your car/engine/trans have less than 100,000 miles on

it, it's okay to replace the transmission oil (and filter) in your

jeep. if you have higher mileage, it's not a good idea because the

transmission could start slipping. I recommend changing the filter

on an Automatic at 30,000, then every 60,000; and flushing the

fluid at 60,000 then every 60,000 after. I have been told by

transmission rebuilders that if you don't change the fluid and

filter, you can expect trouble regardless of the miliage. Granted

it may bring trouble to surface more quickly. I have only seen this

on one Lincoln personally. It is critical that the proper fluid is

used. Chrysler products such as Jeep require a certain fluid. ATF +

4 in this case. Yes.

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