Is china a more developed country than Australia?

China is a more developed country than Australia.

In terms of its size of economy, yes the Peoples Republic of China has an economy 2nd in the world.

More importantly however is its GDP compared to Australia. There the difference in GDP in favor of Australia is an indicator of how developed its economy is with regard to enriching its people.

Another area of "development" is the form of government each nation has. Australia has a democratic country. It's leaders are elected in open elections. In China it remains a one party system, an indicator of government development. Any nation under one party rule can act with impunity upon its citizens.

In terms of sex trafficking and forced labor indicators China ranks very low.

It has been exempted from many air pollution standard set by world wide agencies. Shanghai is a huge polluter. Therefore its development in forced labor restrictions & in safe environmental issues demonstrates poor development.

I believe that strikes are illegal in China. This China is undeveloped in union issues. Also China's currency is fixed by fiat, not real market conditions. This is a demonstration of fear that its currency will not do well unless its exchange rate is a fixed one set by the Communist government.