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Is cycling good to burn fat on the thighs?


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During exercise, you cannot target a certain area of fat to be burned off. Cycling is a good way to burn overall body fat, but it may be burnt if from other areas of the body before your thighs.


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Yes it is extremely good for you, you burn off body fat!

Walking, jogging, running, cycling, swimming

Short of liposuction, there's no way to target where to lose the fat. But cycling - like any aerobic activity - can burn fat. But cycling - like any aerobic acticity - will burn fat from all over. Incl your belly of course, but not only there.

Absolutely Its a great way to burn fat and calories fast! Even spin class (stationed cycling) can burn up to 1400 calories per hour!

if you ever have big thighs the way how to do it is to do knee crunches

Eat a lot more calories than you can burn. Unfortunately, you can't just make your thighs fat. You will have to get fat all over.

speed walking, and sprinting will help. sprinting burns fat in a dramatic fashion

There are a few ways one can burn fat fast. Short sharp bursts of very rigorous exercise is a good way to burn fat fast and running or swimming are good ways to achieve this. Stomach crunches and cycling are also good.

Diet and excercise. You cannot target a specific region for taking off fat. The fat will burn off from anywhere it is located.

Cardiovascular exercises, such as cycling, jogging, treadmills, exercise bikes. Use these to burn fat and keep the fat off by continuing the exercise regimen

lunges are really good for losing inches on your legs and thighs.

I think because, you have to burn then in different ways EX: push ups is for abes; running is for legs.

Cycling uses the largest muscles in the body, including the glutes and quadriceps, as well as the calf muscles, all of which get a good workout and burn calories. Cycling is an aerobic activity, which increases the heart rate and gives the blood vessels and lungs a good workout. Cycling helps reduce blood pressure, burns fat, strengthens the abs, and increases energy, stamina, and well being.

fat thighs, no. but keep in mind fat and bone isn't the same. to some people my thighs are bigger, that's because I'm medium boned. to some people their thighs are bigger than mind. their larger boned. its not always fat, and actually can just be bone

Cardio exercises that are especially good for fat loss would be ones that not only burn calories but build muscle. Swimming, cycling, rock climbing, and pilates would all be excellent examples

swimming raises your heart rate with will burn fat everywhere in your body, not just your thighs, bike riding and swimming would help lose fat

Leanspa is really good which help to burn your fat in your body and given a good body structure.

In various methods we can burn fat; in my view cardio is the good option to burn more fat. You may go with push-ups, pull-ups, crunches, lungs and hamstring to burn fat.

What type of work out burns the most fat/calories? Aerobic work out: running, cycling, swimming.

Jogging on the spot, star jumps, cycling. Anything that gets your heart pumping fast.

Fortunately, there are good websites out there to help you burn fat. One in particular is and I hope it helps.

Cardio is always a good starting point. Running or swimming are always good options. Lunges, squats, and deadlifts are good solid exercises that will turn fat into muscle.

To get rid of fat thighs, you need to ensure that you exercise more. Also cut down on fat and sugar intake as you take your meals.

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