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If the material is not protected by copyright (e.g., it is in the public domain, or is a work of the federal government), it is legal to download.

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Is downloading non-copyrighted material illegal?

If the material is not protected by copyright (e.g., it is in the public domain, or is a work of the federal government), it is legal to download.

Will file share users be fined or worse?

File sharing is not illegal if the file sharer only uploads non copyrighted material. But if he/she uploads copyrighted material without permission he/she can be fined. It almost never happens that somebody is being jailed by downloading

Is cabos illegal?

Cabos is a legal software program, but it is illegal to download copyrighted material without permission. Make sure what you download are non copyrighted to be legal.

Is downloading music from illegal?

Downloading or uploading copyrighted material is ILLEGAL. Here is what they say on their own website. "Purchasing a membership in does not give you license to download or upload copyright material." They put the burden on you to not download any copyrighted material. That means almost all current music out there will be illegal to download. So what is the purpose of the software if you are trying to not be a thief. The majority of the music you find will be illegal. There are plenty of legal downloads available. They are mostly unknown artist looking to make it. They allow the download of their music. is one site to get free legal music. Some of it is great and some not so great. If you want to stay legal, either pay for downloads or download non copyrighted music.

IS UTorrent illegal?

It depends on what you are going to download. If you are going to use uTorrent to get lots of copyrighted music and movies, then yes it is illegal. There is also material that can be download on uTorrent that is non-copyright, so it would be legal in that case because you are given permission to download it.No it is not illegal to use. Downloading certain files may be.

Can a non copyrighted film in distribution be copyrighted?

Generally when public domain material is reissued, a copyright will be registered for any new material, such as annotation, compilation, etc.

Can you install LimeWire in Windows Vista?

dont do lime wire...its illegal ____ The software Limewire, isn't itself illegal. You will not get into trouble simply by having it in your computer. What may get you into trouble is the programs/music you download using it. You are free to download NON copyrighted material or anything in the public domain. You legally cannot download copyrighted material. And yes you can install Limewire if you are running Vista.

If you borrow a CD to burn it is it illegal?

The illegality of burning a borrowed CD depends on the contents. When the CD is copyrighted, it is illegal to burn it. However, burning of home videos, documents and other non-copyrighted data is allowed.

Is tube plus illegal?

Streaming non-copyrighted works that are in the public domain or are in the creative commons license are free to stream and download. If the content is copyrighted (most content on are copyrighted), then it is illegal to stream and/or download unauthorized works (such as movies, music, etc.) due to copyright infringement laws, such as the DMCA.

Is hacking a psp illegal?

No, but it will void your warranty. As long as you own the device, you can do anything you want with it, but downloading (non-homebrew) games to play on that hacked PSP is illegal...

Is downloading Maplestory illegal?

NO! People under the ages of 7 has been downloading MapleStory since it came out and none of the non-hackers has been arrested. People DO get addicted, though.

Is using LimeWire Pro Illegal?

Using Limewire, or any P2P program, is not illegal unless you use it to download copyrighted material such as music, movies, games, etc. For example: If you use Limewire to download a song such as Master of Puppets by Metallica, that is illegal. But if you use it to transfer or share a non-copyrighted file it is perfectly legal. That does not mean however, that all songs, movies, etc. are copyrighted and illegal to download. Some things that used to be copyrighted have either had their copyright expire or have aged so much that they fall in to what is called the Public Domain. Anything in the Public Domain is available for use by the public. For more information on Public Domain click on the following links:

Is flicker using non copyrighted photos?

Some photos on Flickr are copyrighted, others are not.

Is it illegal to put copyrighted music in YouTube videos?

Yes it is. There is the danger of being sued because of putting copyrighted music on YouTube.

This new Torrent Privacy program says that it is very secure and noboy will ever know what you are doing?

Its a load of crap a waist of time all it does it downloads the file over an encrypted connection sure it would stop people seeing what you are downloading on the network but if the cops wanted to catch someone they could easily exploit torrent privacy and find out there encryption key which would then allow they to see everything your downloading. Nothing is secure and nothing will ever be 100% secure there is always a way in. Me personally i just download my files using utorrent. There are that many people doing its not funny. So i doubt your going to get into any trouble iv been doing it for years but also it depends on what your downloading such and copyrighted material or non-copyrighted material. about 4 years ago they arrested a man for downloading torrents i think that was just a scare to stop people from doing it they have not arrested anyone in the last 3 years that i know of as i watch the news alot so i think your pretty safe. Anyways best of luck.

What is material and non material give any 2 examples?

Material: Flesh and Animals Non Material: Ideas and Thoughts

What are the rights of the creator of non-copyrighted material?

If material is not protected by copyright, the creator has no rights to it. For example, a person preparing a document in the course of his duties as an employee of the US Government has no rights to that document, because it is not protected by copyright in accordance with section 105 of the copyright code.

Where can you download free music or games for your iPod that is not illegal? has free downloads of non-copyrighted music or music that the artist has given permission for a free download. Downloading copyrighted music without a release from the artist or paying a fee is illegal, period. Lots of independent record labels offer free and legal downloads of their artists' music, usually one or two songs per artist. The MySpace page of a band is also a good source. If they post a downloadable track on their own site, they're allowing you to have a legal copy. Finally, there are a lot of MP3 blogs out there. Most of them offer music for sample listening that is not strictly legal to own. However, some of them specialize in linking you to legal tracks. Of those, the two I would start with are *SIXEYES and LargeHearted Boy. They both have a lot of variety, frequent postings, and legal download links. In short, there's a TON of legal music out there. You just have to 0look in the right places. == == === === Downloading copyrighted games without a release from the maker or paying a fee is illegal, period.

What is a non material life?

non material life means no need money

What are two types of culture?

material and non-material culture. material is tangible and concrete type of culture while non-material is composed of abstract ideas, non-concrete, and intangible.

I want to do a weekly show on the week in the NFL on YouTube It's a non-profit show that me and some of my friends want to do just for fun Is this legal?

Yes as long as you do not include copyrighted material (videos and sound)

What is a non-prose material?

can u give me example of non-prose material?

Examples of copyrighted and not copyrighted?

Three examples of a Copyright are Literacy works, Musical works, & Dramatic works.Three examples of a NON-Copyright are Titles&Names, Ideas, & Fashion.

Why plastic is never alive?

plastic a non-living material. plastic a non-living material.

Is cobalt magnetic material?

No, it is a non-magnetic material