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There is a very strong possibility you have a blown headgasket and you have antifreeze intruding into your oil The reason you are seeing water in your oil is because water pressure will normally be greater than the oil pressure and water (antifreeze) will intrude and contaminate the oil

No, it is not supposed to do that. However, like most auto trannies, it does send fluid to the oil cooler in the left-side tank of the radiator, then back again. That explains the two metal pipes attached there. If the radiator goes really, really bad (i.e. the oil cooler corrodes out) you could get mixing, which would be a very bad thing. If this has happened, be sure to have a radiator shop check for electrolysis, and have a transmission shop drain, service and check out the tranny FAST.

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Q: Is engine coolant circulated through the transmission on a Aerostar 30L van?
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What is a coolant?

a fluid that is circulated through a machineor other object in order to absorb thermal energy from it and thus control its temperature

My 1990 Nissan maxima will not shift out of first and will not go into reverse plus the fluid looks like milk?

The transmission fluid cooled by routing it through the radiator. The fluid probably is a milky color because the radiator had failed internally allowing the coolant and transmission fluid to mix. Check the coolant and if looks milky change the radiator, coolant, and transmission fluid.

What causes the Transmission fluid to be foamy and overflowing?

Coolant is getting into the ATF possibly through a hole in the oil cooler

Why would transmission fluid blow out the trans axle vent tube?

This usually happens when it's been overfilled or has coolant entering the transmission through a leaky transmission cooler, if it is a vehicle that has the cooler inside the radiator.

I have a 1994 Ford Ranger XLT it always needs transmission fluid but I never have a pudle from it leaking. Also when i hit the gas white smoke comes from the tailpipe. What wrong with it?

The transmission fluid could be leaking into the engine coolant through the transmission cooler in the radiator. You should be able to see the transmission fluid in the engine coolant recovery tank. It will look like a oily film on top of the coolant. White smoke (steam) out of the exhaust indicates engine coolant is leaking into a cylinder.This can be a result of a blown cylinder head gasket or a cracked cylinder head. Have the engine coolant system pressure tested to detect the leak.

How do you stop antifreeze from getting in your transmission?

A/T have a fluid line that runs through the cooling radiator of your car. My best guess is this tube is cracked inside your radiator. The radiator will needs to be replaced. I am not sure, but I believe that automatic transmissions often use engine coolant for cooling, and I suspect that there is a leak in the transmission. Transmission fluid cooling radiators are separate from the engine radiator, and transmission fluid is pumped through them by a pump. They usually are not stock items, but have to be added on. You probably should take the vehicle to a transmission shop, and have them check it out. Coolant will dilute the transmission fluid, and possibly corrode the transmission parts.

The coolant starts to boil shortly after starting the engine. State the fault indicated and how you would diagnose the fault?

Coolant not being circulated through the radiator/radiator fan subsystem. Most probably the thermostat is malfunctioning. Two ways to test this fault: (1) Coolant accumulates in coolant reservoir. (2) Remove the thermostat and immerse in boiling water; if thermostat does not open, replace unit.

Why won't coolant run through?

We need to know what the coolant won't run through.

What could cause oil in your coolant resivoir but no coolant in oil in a new engine in 2001 ford lightning?

Check your transmission fluid, The cooler that runs through the radiator may be leaking into the cooling system. If so, the radiator will need to be replaced, and possible transmission will need to be flushed as well. Good Luck!

How do you fix a 1998 GMC Sierra with a coolant leak you can't find if there also seems to be a reddish color in the reservior and you already checked the top hoses?

This would only make sense if you have an automatic transmission. What is probably going on is this; Your coolant flows through the radiator to cool down the motor. Your transmission fluid does the same. My guess is that you have a leak inside of your radiator, and the coolant and transmission fluid are mixing. This is a serious problem as your transmission is not cooling properly, and probably being damaged everytime that you drive the vehicle. I would suggest a new radiator.

Use circulated in a sentence?

Emily circulated through the room and greeted every guest.

Do radiators have two hoses?

Most have input and output hose do coolant can enter and circulate through radiator and then be returned to the engine. Automatic transmission also has 2 smaller lines running to and from the radiator to the transmission for cooling purposes

HOW TO DRAIN and refill COOLANT from a system which doesn't have radiator cap Would the coolant reach the radiator is we refill the coolant through the coolant header tank?

In systems that do not have a radiator cap, the coolant is drained by the radiator drain plug. It is filled by adding coolant to the system through the overflow bottle.

How do you refill engine coolant on a 99 Malibu?

through the coolant tank!

What could be the cause of a coolant leak on the back of the engine on a lumina 97 so that the coolant seeps down through the side of the transmission pan?

This sounds like a common problem with the 3.1L and 3.4L v6 of the lower intake manifold leaking. TechJK ----------------------

What is the average operating temperature for passenger cars?

80-90 Degrees C Depends on the type of alloy or casting the Head is made of. Hope this helps Most automotive thermostats are set to open at 185 degrees F., which means that the temperature of the coolant will have to reach that value before coolant is circulated through the radiator.

Could a bad water pump cause a car to have no heat?

Yes, if the coolant level is low, or the pump is not capable of moving coolant through the heater core.Yes, if the coolant level is low, or the pump is not capable of moving coolant through the heater core.

Why would heat turn to cold when you slow down on a 2002 Nissan sentra?

Check the radiator coolant level! When it is low, and RPMs decrease at low speeds or idle, the coolant isn't being circulated through the entire cooling system, such as the heater core! Be sure the engine is cool before opening the radiator cap and adding coolant! NEVER add coolant to a hot engine because it will crack the block or cause the head gasket to blow!

How do I refill the coolant in a 98 Ford Escort ZX2?

Either slowly through top of radiator or through coolant recovery tank

What causes the transmission fluid to leak into the radiator?

I would say its a bad radiator are you sure its tranny fluid and not motor oil, in which case you could have a blown head gasket? **correct answer** there should be a transmission cooler that allows transmission fluid to flow through your rad at some point, these lines, when they break, will let transmission fluid into your rad, it also lets coolant into the transmission, which can destroy your transmission.

What does the cooling system do within an engine?

It cycles coolant through the engine. Heat from the engine is transferred to the coolant through a heat exchange. The heated coolant then cycles through the system to the radiator, where heat from the coolant undergoes another heat exchange, transferring heat from the coolant to the air which passes through the radiator. Heat will also transfer from the motor to the air forced over the motor by the engine fan.

How does the cooling sistem of a 1999 Oldsmobile alero works?

The coolant pump draws coolant from the radiator and circulates the coolant through coolant jackets in the engine cylinder block and the cylinder heads. The coolant is then directed back to the radiator. The system directs some coolant through hoses to the heater core in order to provide for defrost and passenger compartment heat. A surge tank connects to the cooling system. Pressurized coolant continuously flows through the surge tank and the process repeats

Does coolant run through the condenser?

No. Coolant only runs through your radiator into the engine and back again. Your condencer is part of your A/C system.

What causes 89 Ford Laser leaking water into auto transmission?

the reason why water may get into transmission is due to the cooler for the trans oil is located inside the coolant radiator.and so the coolant is at higher presuure than the trans oil and it passes through a crack in the option is to replace radiator and flush transmission many times with clean oil.afte this you may have slippage problem twith trans due to water still contaminated in trans.

What would cause automatic transmission fluid to leak into cooling system?

Automatic transmission fluid is often circulated through a small section of a car's radiator to keep it cool. Getting coolant mixed with your ATF would mean there is a problem with your radiator. Remove the radiator from the car and get it into a radiator shop for repair. Don't drive the car because you'll risk permanently damaging your transmission. A radiator repair should be fairly inexpensive, even if you have to have parts de-soldered from the core and replaced. Even a new replacement radiator is relatively inexpensive if you R&R it yourself. Have fun.