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Is feta cheese okay on a low cholesterol diet?

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Is it okay to feed cats feta cheese?

why would you do that?!?! and probably not

Is it bad to maintain a high cholesterol diet?

Eating fatty fish could be healthy due to the omega oils. It can be bad to maintain a high cholesterol diet if you choose the wrong foods. As long as appropriate foods are eaten, you should be okay.

What types of foods are okay to eat for a person with high cholesterol?

You can find more information about a high cholesterol diet plan from your local nutritionist. They can provide many different high cholesterol dietary options which allow you to manage your lifestyle.

Is cheese okay for diabetics?

Cheese have sugar or not?

Okay, since you are ?

Okay, since you are on neulesta you should be on a neutropenic diet, which is a diet that will not introduce bacteria into the system. This means no unpasteurized milk, no cheese, no raw vegetables or salads, no dry or raw fruits, no raw or undercooked meat,eggs or fish,

Is pasta okay for high cholesterol?

Pasta is not normally bad for cholesterol. It has some egg in it, but for the most part it is flour and water. What you put on it can be very bad for cholesterol! Heavy cream sauces, cheese and meat sauce are not good for cholesterol. Olive oil is the best oil. Pasta with a bit of garlic cooked in olive oil and some herbs is wonderful!

What are some foods that can be eaten on a high cholesterol diet?

If you are trying to avoid eating foods high in cholesterol then avoid dairy such as high fat content milks, yogurts and eggs. Also avoid fatty meats like bacon and ham, hamburgers etc. Foods that are okay to eat on a high cholesterol diet would be dark leafy greens and roughage. Fruits and vegetables are a very healthy alternative.

Some cheese is okay?

Yes some cheese is ok in fact you should give your dogs lots of cheese.

Is it okay to have high triglycerides when your weight and cholesterol are normal?

As long as you are exercising and eating a healthy diet you should e fine. Keeping your weight at what it should be will also be high. For your ideal levels consult your physician.

Do you need to refrigerate cheese?

No, it just makes cheese last longer. It's perfectly okay to eat non-refrigerated cheese.

Are you allowed to give your dog cheese?

Some dogs actually enjoy cheese, it is quite okay to feed cheese tyo your dog, just not too much.

Can you eat cheese as a vegetarian?

You can, but if you are a vegetarian make sure the cheese is not made with animal rennet. Microbial rennet is okay. Vegans eat no animal products and do not eat cheese.

Is it okay for teens to diet?

depends on what kind of diet.. if its a crash diet dont go anywhere near them believe me makes you go loony..

Where is cheese imported from?

Italy okay you have to search a little more you stupid weirdo

How awesome is cheese?

Uhm, cheese is okay... I guess. I personally don't eat cheese very often, but if you really like cheese, I guess you can say that it's awesome.I think cheese is great! I almost always pack string cheese with my lunch because it is just so good.

Can oats be eaten on a wheat free diet?

Oats are not made of wheat so they would be okay on a wheat free diet.

Is it okay to feed hamsters cheese crackers?

No it is not because if you feed them crackers they would eeewwwww!!

Is mozzarella string cheese okay to eat everyday?

Unless you are lactose intolerant, yes.

Can you eat 10 days old cheese?

Yes, 10-day-old cheese should be safe to eat. If it has mold, you may be able to cut the mold off and the rest of the cheese should be okay.

Is it okay to feed your python snake with frog?

No - their natural diet is small rodents !

Are granola bars okay to eat with a detox diet?

It depends what kind of detox diet you mean. If, for example, it were a naturopathic detoxification diet, one would not eat Granola bars.

Is it good for your health to eat a lot of cheese?

No. Cheese contains Dairy which if we have a lot of will make us pretty unhealthy. It's okay to have a slice or two of cheese but don't eat a whole block in one day.

Is diet pills okay for a 13 year old?

no diet pills, because it can kill you.. i suggest you should just lose weight naturally.... :)

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