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Is illness a hardship for inmates?

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In British Columbia, Canada inmates get better treatment then the rest of us! I suppose it's because they want them in and out of hospital quickly and back into prison. All their medical bills including dental bills are paid for and the rest of us either are lucky enough to have Medical/Dental at work or we have to pay out of pocket.

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What is considered to be a hardship?

Hardship is anything that robs the spirit. But If you are submitting proof of hardship you will want to list in detail any unforeseen challenges and adversities within your family and finances as well as any factors out of your control such as lay off from employer, illness, accident, injury, or deaths. Mental illness can also be considered under hardships.

What role did dorothea dix play regarding prison inmates and people with mental illness?

a sickness

What is the defintion of stamina?

"Physical or moral strength to resist or withstand illness, fatigue, or hardship; endurance."

What factors promoted anti-Semitism in Europe?

Catholicism economic hardship (surprisingly enough) disease and illness

How to write a hardship letter due to illness to clear up debt?

A hardship letter will do nothing to "clear up" debt you may have. All it will do is explain your inability to pay. If you must write a hardship letter, state the situation as simply as possible. Keep in mind that details as to why you cannot pay will be important.

Get out of jury duty?

it is a person's civic duty to serve on a jury, only extreme hardship or illness (with a letter from a physician) may be used as an excuse.

butte inmates?

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What is the hardship of a disciple?

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What percentage of inmates represent themselves at trial?

1% of federal inmates and 3% of state inmates

What leisure facilities were there for inmates in Britain in 1875?

That would depend upon what kind of facility they were inmates of; asylum inmates had different facilities from criminal inmates.

What is a sentence for hardship?

Walking home was a hardship. Many people face hardship all their life.

how to find an inmates location?

how to find an inmates location

What is a hardship?

A hardship is when someone has struggling and what obstacles were they facing.

Did Abraham Lincoln have hardship or success in his childhood?


What is the limitations that inmates have with regard to religious?

religious trainning to inmates

What is substantial hardship What does it mean What is a definition of substantial hardship?


How much can you get from a hardship fund?

How much do u get hardship payments

Is trial related to hardship?

A hardship can be seen as a trial or challenge.

How do inmates get hair cuts and shave in jail?

Haircuts are done by other inmates. Most inmates have access to disposable razors for shaving.

What are some examples of hardship that Tiger Woods has faced?

He faced racism through out most of his early life and even when he was a top amateur. Obviously the illness and sad death of his father in 2006.

What is the total number of inmates on death row in the US?

3261 inmates

Is hardship a proper noun?

No, the noun 'hardship' is a common noun, a general word for any hardship of any kind.A proper noun is the name or title of a specific person, place, or thing; for example, The Emory University Hardship Fund or Hardship Mountain in BC, Canada.

How were kapos brutal?

They were brutal by beating inmates, wipping them, hanging. Kapos where also inmates chosen by the SS to be incharge of inmates. They got special privilages like extra food. Why they beat the inmates is hard to say.

How many inmates are killed each year in prisons by other inmates in the us?

Not many. In 2008, three inmates were killed. In 2009, no inmates were killed. 2010 has yet to see a single inmate killed either.

Which followin the word can replace hardship?

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