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Is internet poker illegal in the United States?


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Illegal.Currently playing poker on the internet is not legal nor illegal in the United States. In 1961 Congress implemented the Wire Act (57) as part of a anti-racketeering initiative. This act was implemented before the advent of the internet but did address and make unlawful organizations that transferred monies by wire for the sole intent of making or accepting bets or wagers. No casual bettor has been convicted under this statute. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) was passed on october 2006. While the title of this bill implies that there is a focus on the act of on-line gambling, the only real illegality is in the transfer of funds between financial institutions and the on-line gaming entities. Currently it is not illegal to play poker on-line but it is illegal to transfer money from your financial institution directlyto an on-line poker account. With that being said, many on-line poker rroms have worked around the UIGEA by utilizing intermediary financial institutions to transfer funds between financial institutions and the on-line poker rooms.

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You CAN play online poker in most states in the United States! The Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act does NOT make poker illegal. Some states like Washington have passed laws banning poker, but to date not a single person in the United States has been arrested for playing internet poker.

Yes, internet gambling is illegal in some states but allowed in others. Recently, betting on internet poker has become illegal throughout all states.

Now a day's playing poker is not legal or illegal in USA .According to Unlawful internet gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) the transfer of money directly to sole intent for the act of bets or wagers is illegal.

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It will depend entirely on where you are in the world. In some countries, in Asia for example, gambling of any kind, online or not, is illegal. In the UK poker is legal online providing you have the right license. In the US it is a bit of a grey area. Poker, or gambling in general, is not illegal. However the online transaction of money for the process of gambling IS illegal. To get around this any poker room that accepts US players will be based off shore and away from the jurisdiction of this legislation.

In the united states poker is not illegal however, untaxed gambling is illegal as long as taxes get paid on all earnings its legal but you need a license to run such establishments/games. went off limits to us Because it was untaxed money and its ran in another country so taxes could not be placed upon it just forced to ban the IP of those from US.

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