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Insurance companies negotiate rates for services at the best advantage to them. Companies with larger groups get the best rates becaues they have more economic leverage. Medicare is the 900 pound gorilla in the insurance world. So the short answer is no, it is not fraudulent. The reason is each insurance company will pay at their own negotiated rate regardless of how much the provider charges.

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Q: Is it Medicare fraud for a company to bill commercial insurance companies a higher fee-for-service than they are billing Medicare for the same service?
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Do all insurance companies drop you at age sixty five because of medicare coverage?

No. But Medicare is certainly cheaper than commercial insurance.

What are some Medicare supplement insurance companies?

There are dozens of Medicare supplement insurance companies to choose from. AARP, Colonial Penn Life, and Gerber Life Insurance are just a few of the more popular companies.

Are autopsies covered by insurance?

Autopsies are not normally covered by insurance companies or Medicare

What type of supplement insurance covers Medicare services?

Medicare supplement insurance, sometimes called Medigap, helps cover some of the costs not covered by Medicare. It is purchased from private insurance companies and is different from the Medicare Advantage Plan.

What are some Medicare supplemental insurance companies?

Medicare supplement insurance pays for the cost of hospital and medical care that's not covered by Original Medicare. Insurance companies that provide this cover include Combined Insurance Company of America, Family Life Insurance Company, Globe Life and Accident, Liberty National and Transamerica.

If I have private insurance should I also have medicare?

In general, private insurance companies require their clients to sign up for Medicare as soon as they become eligible.

Who does the paperwork for Medicare and are usually insurance companies that have bid for a contract with CMS to handle the Medicare programs for a specific area?

The MAC's (Medicare Administrative Contractors) do the paperwork for Medicare.

What is a cross over claim?

I believe it is the transfer of processed claims from Medicare to Medicaid or state agencies and insurance companies that provide supplemental insurance benefits to Medicare beneficiaries.

How would one explain Medicare Supplement leads?

Medicare Supplement leads are information packets purchased from companies that give information about patients that will soon be eligible for Medicare. These companies track personal data about individuals and then sell them to interested insurance companies.

Who offers the best price on Medicare Supplemental Insurance in California?

Many companies offering Medicare Supplement insurance in California offer competitive rates. In order to determine the "best price" you have to compare plans from several companies. You can get quotes from different companies through a health insurance agent, agency or broker that is contracted with many companies and licensed to sell Medicare Supplement Insurance in California. Medigap companies take into account for underwriting and your monthly medigap premium include, Zip Code, Age, Plan Selection, Gender and Tobacco Usage. Good luck!

What are a few medical insurance companies that cover seniors?

For people that are elderly, the best health insurance is Medicare. The medicare part B plan is the best for people of a very advanced age. There are also various medicare supplemental coverage by the AARP.

Is medicare the nations largest insurance company?

No,, Medicare is not an insurance company. Medicare is a government program.

Definition for Medicare advantage plan?

Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage) is a managed care arrangement available in some states. It replaces Medicare Parts A & B. Premiums vary. It is not a supplent. It a part of Medicare and is administered by insurance companies.

Is an organization named coalition for medicare choices a lobby?

Yes. It represents private insurance companies.

What companies offer health insurance in the US?

There are various companies in the United States that offer health insurance. Some of these include; Benicorp, Aetna, CHIP, AXA, Medicaid and Medicare.

When does Medicare become the primary insurance?

Medicare becomes the primary insurance if you drop your employer insurance. Up until you drop your employer insurance, Medicare would be your secondary insurance.

What companies offer Medicare supplements?

There are many firms in California that offer supplemental Medicare insurance. These include but are not limited to Blue Cross of California, Family Life Insurance Company, Genworth Life Insurance Company, Oxford Life Insurance Company and United American Insurance Company.

When people have more then one insurance which one is considered the primary ins?

If medicare is one of the insurances then medicare is primary and the commercial insurance is secondary. If you have two commercial insurances then that would depend. It would be a good idea to contact both and get that straight before you incur a lot of bills.

Is Blue Cross and Blue shield who you would call to get additional coverage to Medicare Parts a and b?

Several insurance companies offer Medicare supplement plans.

What companies offer supplemental Medicare health insurance?

There are many agents that offer supplemental Medicare health insurance. They vary state by state. Some are Cobra Health Plans, Humana, Longevity Supplemental, and

Is there Medicare insurance for your spouse?

no there is no medicare insurance for spouse. Medicare insurance covers the claims only for the self and not fore the insured persons like spouse.

Which companies offer the best medicare plans?

Medicare is for retired people. As you are not retired you should use your company's health insurance, as you will get a discount on the coverage through your employer's contributions.

What is supplemental insurance is called with Medicare?

Medicare Supplemental insurance is also called Medigap insurance. It got this name because it covers the gaps left by medicare.

Will insurance cover for electroshock therapy?

Yes, I just read a British report on insurance and ECT. It said that Medicare pays for ECT as do many other US insurance companies.

Where can I apply for Medicare Part D Insurance?

Medicare part D is a prescription drug coverage insurance that is a part of your medicare insurance if you qualify. It can be applied for at the website.