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If you bought the coin at a price based on its grade, I wouldn't worry about a hairline crack in the GSA case. However, if you paid a premium for the GSA package, you might want to return it.

If the crack is from normal wear and tear it adds value to the coin, but if it is from mis-use then the coin has a small value. That is my experience from selling old coins. You can tell if the coin was cut, or pried, or if it is normal wear.

The 1885 CC GSA Morgan may be an error coin or VAM variety and worth more than you paid. Have the coin checked by a reputable dealer but don't sell for the first offer....good luck - if you want, email me a pic reubenq @

This iSn't a bad thing this coin if certified is worth around $2,000-4,000 U.S. dollars

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Q: Is it a bad thing if an 1885-cc GSA Morgan dollar you just purchased has a hairline crack?
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What is a 1885CC Morgan silver dollar worth?

Retail values run from $200.00 to $500.00 in circulated condition.

What is the value of an 1885cc US Morgan silver dollar?

A genuine example of this coin in circulated condition has retail values of $300.00-$600.00 depending on condition. Take it to a coin dealer for a accurate assessment of value.

What is the difference between a silver dollar and a Morgan dollar?

A Morgan dollar IS a silver dollar. The term Morgan refers to the designer George T. Morgan who created the images used from 1878 to 1904 and in 1921.

What is the weight of a Morgan dollar?

The Morgan Silver Dollar weighs 26.73 grams

What is the rare year for the Morgan silver dollar?

A rare Morgan Silver Dollar is 1876.

How rare is the Morgan silver dollar?

The Morgan silver dollar is a collectors item and can be about $39

How many grams Morgan silver dollar?

A Morgan dollar weighs 26.73 grams.

Can you see a picture of the 1895 Morgan dollar?

Below is a picture of a Morgan dollar coin.

Where could a person buy a 1921 silver dollar?

A 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar can be purchased from coin dealers. Alternatively, as the coins are not especially rare, there are many available to purchase on eBay.

Is the Morgan dollar pure silver?

no the Morgan dollar is made of 90.0% Silver and 10.0% Copper

How much is a 1882 Morgan silver dollar?

The melt value of a Morgan silver dollar is about $25.00

What is the person's head on the Morgan Silver Dollar?

The image on the face of the Morgan Dollar is a rendition of Lady Liberty designed by George T. Morgan.

What is an 1879 silver dollar?

An 1879 "Silver Dollar" is a Morgan dollar.

How can you tell the difference between a Carson City Morgan silver dollar and a Morgan dollar?

A "Carson City Morgan Dollar" is simply a Morgan dollar produced at the Carson City, Nevada, mint. Such a coin can be identified by the mintmark "CC" on the reverse of the coin, beneath the tail feathers of the eagle.

Who created the Morgan silver dollar?

George T. Morgan

What is a 1889 uncirculated Morgan dollar worth?

Please see: what is an 1889 Morgan silver dollar worth- uncirculated

How big is a Morgan silver dollar?

A Morgan Silver dollar is 38.1 mm in diameter and 26.7 gm in weight.

How do you know if you have a s Morgan silver dollar?

For all Morgan dollars the mintmarks are on the reverse, just above the DO in DOLLAR.

What is a 1979 Morgan silver dollar worth?

Please check the date again. This coin is not a Morgan Silver Dollar.

How many troy ounces in a Morgan silver dollar?

0.77345 Troy Ounces of Silver in a Morgan Silver Dollar.

What is the weight of the Morgan silver dollar?

A Morgan Silver dollar weighs 26.73 grams. This is equivalent to 0.9429 ounces.

How many Morgan dollars are in one silver dollar?

Exactly one. A Morgan dollar is a specific kind of silver dollar, designed by and named for George T. Morgan and minted from 1878 to 1904 and in 1921.

1923 Morgan dollar worth?

The last Morgan dollar was struck in 1921. The date 1923 is a Peace dollar. Average value is $37.00-$41.00

1926 Morgan Dollar?

Morgan dollars were minted from 1878 to 1904 and in 1921. Please check the back of your coin. You have a Peace dollar rather than a Morgan.

Where is the mintmark on Morgan silver dollar?

It will be located below the DO in dollar.