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Re-torquing head bolts can prevent head gasket failure. Some manufacturers have issued technical service bulletins describing the procedure. (See Saab example here: ) Reducing the tension on bolts one at a time (But not all the way.), then tightening in sequence is often done, particularly on engines with aluminum heads. Once the gasket has failed re-torquing is less likely to stop the leak. No. Torque specs are calculated on a new head gasket. If you are experiencing a leak in a head gasket, you would be safe to assume that the gasket has already burned a hole in the gasket.

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Q: Is it a good idea to re-torque head bolts on an old engine?
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What is the torque and tightening pattern when using old bolts to replace the head gasket on a 1989 Chevy S-10 2.5?

You cannot use the old bolts to retorque the heads. They are torqure to yield bolts. You must get new bolts.

How much is the torque of 2c cylinder head bolts Toyota?

torque for 2c engine cylinder head bolts

How do you remove the head on a 1994 Camero engine?

by removing the head bolts

Do you need to replace the head bolts when you replace the heads on your 4.0 L V6?

If the engine is high mileage yes, replace the head bolts. If it is low mileage it is your choice, but is always a good idea to replace them.

What is engine head bolts tqures?

Varies by engine. We'd need to know the engine in order to answer this.

What is the torque on head bolts for a 3800 Pontiac engine?

The 3800 Pontiac engine had bolt torque specification is 160 pounds. The head bolts should be torqued in 40 pound intervals.

What are the engine torque specs for a c15 cat engine?

A C15 Caterpillar engine has dozens of torque specifications for many different engine bolts. The head bolts should be torqued at 350 pounds.

Do the head bolts on 86 crx need replaced after head removal?

If it's the Civic CRX 1.5Ltr engine code EW3the head bolts can be reused

1995 Mercury Tracer Torque specs for head bolts?

Torque sequence------------ l 93157 l l 862410 l ------------ Step 1: torque in sequence to 44 Ft/LBS Step 2: in sequence completely loosen all bolts Step : retorque all bolts in sequence to 44 Ft/LBS Step 4: in sequence turn an additional 90 degrees Step 5: in sequence turn an additional 90 degrees Recheck final torque in sequence***CAUTION*** engine uses Torque To yield head bolts (TTY) that permanently stretch during the initial installation. New head bolts must be used when cylinder head is replaced or re-installed to obtain proper torque.

What causes oil to be on spark plugs in a 88 Toyota supra?

valve cover gaskets OR (usually more likely) the No.3 Cyl Head bolts leaking oil. Take the spark plug valley cover off and thow it out and get some aoil drain plug gaskets for the 14mm hex head bolts and retorque them on, this will solve your proble.

How many bolts to change a head gasket?

Depends on what engine you are working on.

How to AND remove AND northstar engine?

visual of head bolts on 1999 northstar

How do you remove the engine from a dodge spirit Head gasket?

keepundoing bolts till the engine falls away and your left with just the head gasket

If a head gasket blows in a 350 GMC then do you have to rebuild the motor?

As with any hed gasket problem as long as you get to the problem early enough as to not have any further major damage happen due to driving/running the vehicle too long after the head gasket blows I would say no to a complete engine rebiuld. Oil must be drained and new oil filter replaced, cylinder head must be sent out whiile you are at it send out the good head too and have the magnafluxed for cracks, have the engine to head surface checked for cracks as well, replace as needed, install cylinder head gasket and intake gasket set retorque and or replace head bolts as per manufacturers specs....happy motoring.

If you have changed the head gasket on a clio 1.4 can you overtighten the bolts if so this results in doing what?

It can strip the bolts, warp the head, cause the bolts to fail when the engine heats up... that's pretty much it.

Do you have to put new head gasket bolts in?

It is always a good idea to replace the head bolts with new ones and is cheap insurance.

What is the torque on head bolts for 1989 corsica?

That would depend on which engine and what type of lube/sealant is used on the head bolts. Can't answer the question without more information.

How important is it to replace the head bolts on a 1999 2.2 s-10?

If I were overhauling this engine, I would replace the head bolts with new ones. Money well spent.

Do you have to replace head bolts during overhauling an engine?

It is required with some engines.

How do you identify a flat head inline 6 engine?

The easiest way to identify a flat head engine is that there aren't any valve covers. The Cylinder head is what you see and you will notice alot of bolts. These are all the head bolts exposed, on a inline 6 cylinder there will usually be 33 bolts. The cam is in the center of the engine and valves are not in the head like most engines. The head is, well, flat, and has the spark plugs on top of it, and inline 6 will have 6 spark plugs in a row.

Head torque 2.2 Chevy?

what is the torque setting for the head bolts on a 2007 chevy malibu with a 2.2L engine

What type of bolts are used on a ford 1.3 liter engine? type of head bolts are used on a ford aspire 1.3 liter engine?

How to replace Head Gasket on 1999 Pontiac Sunfire?

you must loosen all the bolts to separate the intake and exhaust manifolds , support engine underneath with jack and remove the engine mount on yhe passenger side of the engine, remove the valve cover, remove the bolt holding the metal water pipe in front of the engine, loosen all 10 head bolts from the outside in, remove head bolts and pull up. have head checked and resurfaced at a machine shop then replace in the opposite order.

What is the torque sequence for a 18hp single cylinder Briggs and stratton engine horazontal shaft head?

The torque sequence for a single cylinder Briggs and Stratton engine horizontal shaft head is increments of 2's for hp and 1's for head bolts. That makes 11 head bolts for an 18 hp.

Change the head gasket on a 4 clynder 89 Mercury Topaz?

Have to remove all the top parts of the engine and the valve cover. Then the head bolts. Have the head sent out to be checked and a valve job. Head bolts must be torqued when replaced.