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Is it all right to cross the US border from Canada alone?


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Yes, so long as documentation is in order and you don't say anything that the border officer considers threatening.

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Glacier National Park shares a land border with Canada. Voyageurs National Park is right on the border, separated only by the water between it and Canada.

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northwestern British Columbia. right near the Alaska border.

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The answer is 15. In the south Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California border with Mexico. In the north Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine border Canada. Ohio and Pennsylvania have a water border with Canada. That's right bud, yr prtty smrt!

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A passport & a lot of protection ! People are getting mugged down there left & right. Stay out of Tijuana until they get better protection for tourists !

Fairfax Conty rules are that kids from 1-12 are not allowed to go anywhere alone without a parent. From 12 your allowed to let your childen go anywhere alone. proven by Homeland Security.

The diagonals of a rectangle do not cross at right angles

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