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I just bought a replacement remote at . It was $45 plus tax and came with free programming instructions. The dealership was going to charge me $80 to program. My 16 yr old son and I programmed it in less than a minute.

Matching instructions for the Clarion remote 93-99. Using 2 keys, put one key in the ignition, turn the igniton on, do not start the car. Close the door, put the 2nd key in the door lock, turn the key to the unlock position and hold it until you hear the alarm horn chirp, release the key. Press any button on the remote, you should hear a chirp from the alarm horn, press button on the 2nd remote, you will hear two chirps, 3rd remote will chirp 3 times, and the 4th remote will chirp 4 times, then lock the door with the key. Unlock the door, remove the key from the ignition, close the door and try the remote. You can match any remote to any car. You teach the car to respond to each remote.

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Q: Is it best to get VW Jetta replacement keyless remote at the vw dealer?
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How do you program a keyless remote to your 99 jetta?

keyless remote control to a 99 jetta?

Where can you find an inexpensive replacement for the keyless remote for your 2001 Jetta GLX?


How do you program a 2003 Jetta remote?

With a VAG-COM, or get the dealer to do it.

How do you change the battery in a 2002 jetta keyless entry key pad?

how do you change the battery in a 2002 jetta keyless entry pad?

How do you reset the alarm remote for a 97 Jetta GT?

-I was to;d that only the dealer can do it.They need to send to Germany for a new code and then they reprogram the remote.

Will you need the code key to buy a replacement key for a 2001 vw jetta?

I have a 2001 cabrio, not a Jetta, however, the dealer never wanted a key code only vin number. Hope this will help you out.

How do you reset the remote on a jetta?

The answer for your question is in the car guide, the one you should have when you bought the car. I think that it says you have to bring the keys into a Volkswagen dealer.

How to reprogram the car remote of 2000 VW Jetta.?

You can use the two keys to reprogram the car remote of 2000 VW Jetta.

What is needed for a remote start and keyless entry in a 1997 vw jetta trek?

At the Bottom of this link is all the links you will ever need to order anything and answer almost any questions on VW and not just MK3.

Can a Volkswagen jetta have a remote car starter?


Where can you test drive a Volkswagen Jetta wagon in Vancouver?

Asking your Volkswagon dealer would be a great start as to where you can test drive a Jetta wagon. In fact, the dealer there might even let you test drive a Jetta wagon there, if he or she has one.

VW Jetta Keyless Entry programming?

If you can't find programming instructions you can get a programming guide from

How do you replace the battery in the keyless fob for a 2001 jetta?

step by step visual.

What are the best replacemebt headlights for a Mk6 Jetta?

The best replacement headlights for a Mk6 Jetta are the black LED Projector Headlights.

How do you do rear brakes on a VW jetta?

take it to the vw dealer.

Your son just bought a 1998 Jetta but lost the main key He has the key that will start the car but it does not allow you to open the trunk a valet key What is the best way to replace the missing ignit?

I had a 1998 Jetta, but I don't remember if they had remote entry. If it does, buy a remote entry blank off of ebay. Then, go to the dealer with the VIN and proof of ownership and have them cut and program the key. If it doesn't have remote entry, just talk to a dealer. Like you said, your son has the "Valet" or "Sub Master" key. Take it to a Locksmith and he/she can cut your son a new master. Ilco blank# X203

How do you check the transmission fluid on a 99 jetta?

Its sealed, you have to take it to the dealer!!!!

How do you change head light on a jetta?

I made a video on how to change the head lights in my jetta This is for a 2006 jetta tdi, but other years apply

How much does a VW Jetta wagon retail for?

The VW Jetta wagon can retail for many different prices. It really depends on what area of the country you live on and what kind of dealer you buy the car from. You can buy it from a dealer or an independent seller.

How do you program a remote for a 2011 vw jetta so the horn does not beep when doors are locked?

You need a VAG-COM programmer - Dealer...IF theyll do it for you. Or find someone with the VW software and the programmer. Good Luck

How much does a replacement battery cost for a 2000 Volkswagen Jetta?

Autozone $150.00

Where can you find the chassis number on a 2001 vw jetta?

The chassis number of a 2001 VW Jetta can be found in the owner's manual. It can also be requested from the dealer.

Replace rear brake pads 2006 volkswagen jetta?

Go to the Dealer!!!

How do you disarm the alarm on a 97 vw jetta permanantly?

you can't, only a dealer can.

Where can you locate radio codes for a 1998 volkswagen jetta?

You can go to the dealer they can look it up for you.