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If you want to get the best price on a new or used car, it

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2005-10-20 16:02:49
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Q: Is it better to finance your car at the dealership or elsewhere?
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Dealership can not finance car do we have to give it back?

find out another dealer who can finance your car.

Can the dealership take your car?

If you mean can the dealership take your car, if you don't make your payments. Yes. Usually the finance company will take your car, because the dealership has already passed your account to the finance company. If you have made a deal for a car that the dealership later discovers you don't meet the financial criteria, they will take your car back and offer you a lesser model for deal that suits your budget better.

Does the finance company own your car if the dealership is out of business?

If you financed your car then it is always owned by the finance company, regardless of if the dealership is in business or not, until you finish paying it off.

Can dealership repossess car if i bring it in for service?

No, but the finance company can.

How does a buy here pay her car dealership finance their cars?

Depends on the car dealership in itself and where the lady signed the contract from

Are cars available for finance?

You can finance new or used cars. You can lease a car or take out a loan, though a loan is better in the long run. Your dealership usually has a person who assists in getting you a loan.

What car dealership offers the best car finance deals?

Most toyota dealerships off the best car finance deals through their own finanace company. In Dallas Champion Toyota is noted as probably the best dealership to get a car financed through.

Where can I find a new car finance calculator?

You can get a car finance calculator from any car dealership. Also, any loan amortization calculator will be able to do the same job for you. You can get a loan amortization calculator from your bank.

Why is Rockland Nissan the best car dealership in Blauvelt NY?

Rockland Nissan is the best car dealership on Blauvelt NY because everyone was helpful from the manager to the sales person to the finance guy..

How does a buy here pay here car dealership finance their cars to the public?

They pretty much let you buy the car on credit through them.

Where in Hertfordshire can finance be obtained?

Depending on the type of finance one requires, there are many options when it comes to obtaining car finance, whether for a used car from Graham Hilton Cars or a new Golf from the Wayside, St Albans VW Dealership

Car was purchased from a dealership car was traded for another bank paid off car and car title says that I am the legal owner and registered owner Is the car legally mine dealership out of business?

Just becasue the car dealership went out of business does not mean you now own that car. It is more than likely that the finance that was used for your car was provided by another party..... Sadly, you will have to continue making payments

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