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Is it better to live above someone or below someone in an apartment and why?

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2006-12-18 15:37:16

It depends on what you want in your apartment. It's quieter to

live above someone, especially if they tend to have parties and a

lot of guests. Also, living one floor down tends to reduce the

number of steps that you have to climb to get to your apartment.

Heating the lower floors also tends to be a little less expensive,

especially if the upper apartment is the top floor since heat loss

is typically only through the outside walls and ceiling. Also,

lower floors will have water damage if there is a problem with the

plumbing upstairs. You just need to figure out what you want and go

after what would be best for you. Remember that the best apartments

tend to be "penthouse" apartments, which are typically on the top

floor of apartment buildings.

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