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Both are straightforward so long as you pay attention to detail and read the instructions carefully. Please understand that the K-1 is for fiancés. The K-3 is for those already married.

The K-3 may take a little longer for processing than the K-1 visa, but that could change at any time. Visit:

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Q: Is it easier to apply for a K1 visa or a K3?
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What is a K3 Visa most often used for?

A K3 visa is a type of visa that will allow the husband or wife of an American citizen enter the US. The K3 visa is issued by the US Citizenship and Immigration Service.

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Can a k3 visa be expedited if you are pregnant?


Tell you about proceger for get marriage with legal resedence?

Getting married to a U.S. citizen will not make you a legal resident. If you are in the U.S. legally you can file to adjust your status to a legal resident. If you are in the U.S. illegally, getting married to a U.S. citizen will not help. You will need to go back to your country and apply for either a K1 fiance visa or a K3 spousal visa.

Can k3 visa holders work legally in the US?

Yes, only in the following situations " if you have a valid Employment Authorization Document (EAD). You apply for EAD by filing I-765 with USCIS.A K-3 visa holder may apply for EAD as soon as he/she enters the U.S., or wait until they are ready to apply for adjustment of status and file I-765 together with I-485."

What are the visa requirements for ugandan citizen visiting his military wife in the usa?

i have another question for you. why isn't that you guys have not file for a k3 visa?

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If you married a woman from a foreign country in a different foreign country would she then be a legal resident in the U S?

The simple answer is no. The very complicated, lengthy and expensive answer is that your wife will have to go through an immigration process called the K3 visa application. It can and probably will take about 8 months if you submit everything correctly and do it quickly. You will have to first apply for an permanent residency for her (I-130), you receive a receipt, then you can apply for the K3 visa (I-129F) so she can get off the plane and get through customs with you. Contrary to the fact that the visa cannot even be applied for without first applying for residency permit, the authorities involved with this will (ultimately) inform you that these are SEPARATE applications. It is very complicated and trust me, the websites involved are confusing and when you are in the midst of the process it is even more confusing. The websites are the (this is for the National Visa Center processing of the I-130) and You will need information and forms from both of them. The I-130 is what will make her a "legal resident", but if the processing of the I-130 takes longer than the K3 processing (which it almost always does), and you want to get her here as soon as possible, apply for the K3 and then complete the I-130 or"adjust" her status when you get her home. Then she will be permanent resident and be eligible for a green card. It takes another 3 years for her to apply for citizenship.

What is a k3 visa?

I should first mention that for detailed and up-to-date information about this visa; you can visit the Visa Library website. As I understand, the K3 visa allows the spouse from a foreign country to move to the US and live there while waiting for the immigrant visa petition to be approved. This applies to married couples when one spouse is a US citizen, and the other is from another country.I hope your visa application process goes well.If my post helped you, please like it.

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If a US citizen were to marry a foreigner with an approved visa how long is the process for that foreigner to become a resident?

That would depend in part on what country the foreign spouse was from and for what reason they were in the US originally (meaning what kind of visa were there in the United States under when the US citizen married him or her). If the foreign spouse got married soon before his/her original visa expired, there is a chance that she will have to go home and wait while the new visa (K1 or K3 depending on the circumstances) is cleared. The US requires that you have met the fiance IN PERSON within the past 2 years. Do not try to "trick" the US by getting them an extension on a visa for a different purpose because this is fraud and a person may have to wait 3 years to apply again for a visa for marriage. The best bet if you are serious is to get an attorney to have them help fill out the paperwork properly and do not try to get around visa requirements. Post 9/11 it is just not a smart move.

If a woman married a US citizen can she go to the USA with a K3 visa before her husband files the petition?

Before he files WHAT petition? How did you receive the K3 if your husband didn't file and I-130 petition? Please review:

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What is the best and fastest way for a European national to marry his U.S. citizen girlfriend and live together in the States?

The BEST way is not the fastest, and the fastest is not the best! You can do one of 3 things: Apply for a K1 fiance(e) visa, which takes between 6-10 months usually. When you have this, you travel to the states, get married and have lots more paperwork to do to become a permanent resident, but at least you will be together. Go the the US on a tourist visa, or under the I-94 VWP if you are from an eligible country, get married, then return to your home country, apply for a K3 visa, which may take roughly the same time as a K1 though possibly longer. When you have your visa, go the the US to live, and do lots more paperwork to become a permanent resident. the last one is the fastest, but is not recommended. You can travel to the US on a tourist visa or the VWP, and get married, after which you apply for Adjustment of Status and EAD, do mountains of paperwork etc etc. The authorities dont like it, and you would have to prove without any doubt at all that you had no intention of marrying when you arrived, and it was just a spur of the moment thing. If they have any inkling, they might not let you into the country, and even if they do, you still might not be allowed to stay once married. Yes people do it, no it doesnt always work, and is it worth getting in hot water with the USCIS just coz you can't be patient enough to wait 6 months in order to spend the rest of your lives together? Visit the website of the US embassy in your country, and it will get you started.

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