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Drop the tranny. I replaced a clutch on an '89 Ford 4*4. There is a lot less to undo & do-up on a tranny. Just get some help & a few jacks, drop the drive shaft, and then drop the tranny. Line up your new clutch and use 3 or 4 jacks to raise your tranny evenly twist the shaft till she lines up, give her a shove and bang, put your tranny bolts in, drive shaft, you're on the road or mud. FYI, it will take about a day. ~Shade tree

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Q: Is it easier to change a clutch in a 1989 4 4 truck by dropping the tranny or removing the motor?
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Do you have to remove the radiator before removing the fan clutch in a trailblazer?

yes you can remove the fan clutch without removing the rad. it is tight but it can be done. it is easier with the Rad removed

Do I need to pull out the engine of 1999 V6 mercury cougar when replace clutch assy?

You can either pull the engine out, or drop the sub-frame. I understand that dropping it is easier.

Is it easier to pull the motor or transmission for a clutch replacement?

It is by all means better, and easier to change the clutch & pressure plate by pulling the transmission. Just remember to "block up your engine" before pulling the transmission.

How do you change a radiator clutch fan on a 1997 F-150 6 cylinder?

Turn the fan clutch counterclockwise and use a pulley wrench to keep the pulley from turning. An air hammer will make it easier to get off.

How do you change an AC clutch on a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

It's easier, faster, and more often than not, cheaper to replace the entire compressor.

What are the advantages of a centrifugal clutch over a normal clutch?

There are a few different advantages of a centrifugal clutch over a normal clutch. Generally, it is easier to use, and is extremely easy to install for a low price.

How do you replace clutch for 1982 gl wagon?

it is easier just to pule the motor that to pule the transmission when you get it out the clutch is right there

What causes an intermittent burning smell after parking?

take it easier on the clutch as your reversing

How do you replace the clutch on a 1996 Dodge Neon?

This is no easy task, I suggest you get a service manual. It involves removing the battery, starter, transaxle support brackets, power distribution center, axle shafts, and the transaxle. Might be easier to just remove the engine.

Which is easier to reverse chemical or a physical change?

It is easier to reverse a physical change.

What do you have to do to change a 1997 Dodge Neon from a automatic to a manual?

It would be easier to buy a different car. You would need to change the trans, install a wiring harness for a manual, a computer for a manual, cut an extra hole in the firewall for the clutch master cylinder, mount the clutch pedal ( would have to make new brackets ), change the center console to a manual shifter, route the manuals shift cables.......

How does a clutch break work?

If a truck has a clutch brake it would only be used when coming to a complete stop. By pushing the clutch peddle completely to the floor you would apply the clutch brake. This stops the clutch disc from spinning making it easier to shift into 1st or reverse gear. Normal shifting while driving you would not need to or want to push the clutch peddle to the floor to activate the clutch brake.

Do you need to drop the tank to change a fuel pump in a 2000 Chevy Malibu?

You can change it without removing gas tank But it is tucked under the gas tank and is much easier to replace once the tank is dropped..

How do you change spark plugs in 2011 Kia Rio?

You can change your spark plugs by locating the old ones and removing them. You can insert the new ones by locating the spark plug hole and then threading them in. It is easier if you use a socket wrench to install them.

Why is removing air from balloon easier than removing air from bottle?

Ballons are made of an elastic plastic while a bottle in a harder plastic

Can I remove the fuel pump on a 2000 gmc truck by removing the bed?

Yes, you sure can. Decide which is easier, removing the bed or the fuel tank.

Is a chemical change easier to reverse then a physical change?

Nope. Physical changes are easier to reverse.

Do you really have to pull the engine to put a new clutch in?

no, you don't have to but it makes it a whole lot easier

There are 2 ways of removing an alternator from a 3.3 L 93 Caravan either from the top by removing the alternator bracket or by dropping the alternator straight down pass the manifold which is easier?

Remove it from the top. But first remove the bracket that holds it in place. That will give you enough clearance to get it out. I'm a retired ASE Master/L-1 Technician. I still keep current with the latest automotive technology.

How do you change a track rod on a espace?

If its the inner one they are only about £15 each but getting the locking washers off Renault proved to be awkward, change the outers at the same time its easier than struggling to unscrew an old rusted on one.BUT and this is a big BUT, your can only change them by dropping the front subframe first and removing the complete rack. Yes it is a big job but possible to do in a weekend. If its the outer one its fairly simple and by carefully marking and measuring before you remove the old one you wont be to far out when you refit the new one.

How do you replace clutch on 1991 Honda CRX?

changing the clutch is the same as other honda, you take off the nuts on both axle, remaove the shock the camber, reamove the axle, remove the bolt from the tranmission and then remove the tranmission from the egnine, the clutch is attech to the engine. remove the clutch and put in the new one and then put every thing that you take off back that it is should take about 4 hours... Before dropping the transmission you should have disconnected the battery for you will also need to remove the starter, the speedometer as well as the axles. It is a good idea to disconnect the shiftlinkage at this time too. With the car on stands and all above done you can disconnect the trans mount and lower it on a jack before unbolting it from the engine you have the choice to disconnect the front and rear motor mounts and support the motor with a jack. this will angle the motor and make for removing the trans a little bit easier.

How do you change the rear spark plugs on olds sillouette 3.8 engine?

Remove the cradle mounts on the top front of the engine and rock the engine forward. Removing the coil pack makes access easier too.

What is auto-clutch?

Auto clutch means a torque converter has two pedal drive and brake system so you have a brake pedal and accelerator that auto changes gears automatically. It makes it easier to drive.

How do you remove driveshaft to replace clutch?

The driveshaft is removed to replace the clutch by unbolting the u-joints and retaining caps on each end of the drive shaft. The shaft can then be collapsed slightly to allow for easier removal.

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it change sport to make it easier.