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Is it easy to rust proof a car yourself?


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Rust proofing your car is easy with the right products.Today's vehicles are manufactured with good corrosion protection … rust problems have almost vanished in modern vehicles," Consumer Reports says its annual auto surveys show. "Standard rust-through warranties for most domestic and imported vehicles run five years or more." You can buy rust proofing products from and you can rust proof your car by yourself

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You can if you want to

remove any rust, buy a good quality rust prevention products has some good ones, apply a liberal amount where water can seep in and cause rust.

It's very easy to install car DVD players for yourself, as long as you have a working knowledge of car wiring.

You can only sell a car if it is titled in your name or if you have paid for the title with intentions to resell and have proof of purchase to protect yourself.

Car magnets doesn't cause rust.

Yes. If your car is being repoed, you should make it easy for yourself and cooperate with them.

car radiators used to be made of copper, copper doesnt rust. most radiators are now made from aluminum.aluminum also does no rust

rust can dissolve the metal on ur car then ur car can fall apart and it will wreck your paint

If you are new to the concept of car rust, is a great article on a beginner's guide to it.

its under the car by the gas tank easy to get to from the back of the car.

That is a great question, you will have to sand it off and use some of those poly type kits to repair it. It is not an easy task.

It is not easy. You may want to get a manual on your car from DISCOUNTAUTOREPAIRMANUALS.COM and it will tell you how.

You cannot "sell" a car without the title because the title is proof of ownership. Without the title the buyer can't register and insure the car.

The best way to remove rust from a chrome with bodywork is to take your car to an autobody shop. They are the best people that can remove rust from chrome.

When salt and water and air combine, it accelerates the oxidation, therefore making the car rust faster :)

There is no rust remover that going to repair the rust that has accumulated on a car for that long. It will be best to have the floor repaired by a professional.

Yes you can the word rust in a sentence. Some examples are: The car was beginning to rust. Can't you see the rust on the fence? They couldn't use the saw because it was beginning to rust.

To get tags the car must be registered.To register a car most states require proof of insurance.

You must cut out all rust, because rust does not stop it continues to grow, please do not just cover it up because it will come back again. The questioner is asking: How do you refurbish a well used car? and telling you that the car has rust all over. It would seem that the first thing to do is replace the parts that are rusty.

You can find rust removing options for your car by buying the polish spray in department stores and you can find it at the nearest car dealership. Hope this helped you.

If you have actual proof that items were missing when your car was impounded you can show the proof to the judge that is hearing your case. If you do not have proof, and already signed the paper releasing your car there is not much you can do.

One reason why car exhausts rust faster than the car body of the car is because they are often at a different temperature. The exhaust can be very hot and very cold so this creates a reaction rate which inturn makes the exhaust rust faster. hope that helps :)

To answer this question precisely would necessitate me knowing what you mean by the word "age". If car A is 10 years old with no rust, but car B is 10 years old with rust, they are both 10 years old. The age of both cars is 10 years. Only time itself causes age. However, if you ask the question "Can rust cause my car to become no longer useful?" The answer to this is - yes. Rust eats away critical parts of the car so that it is no longer safe to use.

rust inder cars can be dangerous maybe the bottom will fall off! =^_^=

Well Im no scientist but it may be just like rust on a car...?

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