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No, you are not required to participate in the Social Security System.That said, most, but not all employers, require their employees to participate in the system, and therefore if you choose to work for that particular company you need to apply for a Social Security Number and use it in their employment. (Some city governments, such as my city, do not have to require all employees to participate in Social Security which is why I, on my 23rd year as a police officer, have never paid into Social Security and will never receive it.)Another class of people that choose not to participate in Social Security are some self-employed business people--if you own the company and you're the only employee you do not need to require yourself to participate in Social Security.

AnswerSome foreigner businessmen/women who do business with US companies do not have SSN's. They Use something called ITIN's (individual taxpayer identification number) to pay taxes in the US. AnswerNot it is not illegal to live in the US without a SSN. It is illegal to live without the authorization of Immigration laws (INS) though. AnswerI partly disagree with the first poster. It is illegal for an employer to hire someone in the US who doesn't have a social security card. Normally aliens who have work permits will be issued social security cards, or an alien ID card that proves their right to work. Any employer who hires a person without the supporting documents required by an I-9 is subject to fines of up to $100,000 per person. (Yes, some do it anyway and pay cash, but it's illegal.)Taxpayer ID numbers are primarily for small business owners and contractors, who are not employees.

Does every citizen have to have a Social Security card? No, but if they are going to be claimed as a dependent on their parent's income tax, or file their own income taxes, or collect most types of disability, or attend most schools, then they will need one. It's almost unfathomable that an adult US citizen would not have one.

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Can someone open a credit card account using your social security without your permission?

They could but it is illegal without your permission.

How do i get a person's social security number?

You need to get that person and take them to the DPS for a new social security card. Getting a persons social security without their permission is illegal.

Why are illegal aliens getting social security?

No illegal aliens are getting social security. Only workers who pay into social security will get benefits from it.

Can you use someone else's social security number to work?

No. That is illegal, and a federal offence.

What if someone has your social security number and tries to open a bank account under your name?

It is called a forgery. It is illegal to use someone else's social security number and identity to open a bank account without their knowledge. It is a crime and you or anyone who indulges in such activity can be jailed for doing so.

How do illegal immigrants get a Social Security number?

Illegal immigrants can get social security numbers by stealing other peoples identitys.

Can an illegal alien get a social security number?

No because it is illegal.

Social security for illegal aliens?

Undocumented or illegal aliens are unable to collect social security income even though they may have paid Social Security out of their pay checks. Also, undocumented aliens are unable to receive social security cards.

If you use illegal drugs can it be reported to social security?

It is if you go to jail that Social Security stops.

If you r illegal but have a valid social security can you get driver's license?

I dont think there is a way you could have a valid US Social Security card. Without a valid SSC, you cant get a license.

Can you get a social security number if you are illegal?

No. not legaly.

Is it possible for an illegal immigrant to get social security?


Can illegal immigrant get social security number?


You are a immigrant but you have a social security card are you illegal?


How can an illegal get a Social Security card?


Can an illegal immigrant get Social Security benefits?

Yes, I have had friends who received Social Security and food stamps and they were illegal immigrants. They were very pleasant people and hard workers but they were also illegal.

Can an illegal person claim his child who has a social security card?

No. Because the illegal person either does not have a social security card of there own or they came to America Illegally.

Is social security paid to illegal immigrants?

No. Social Security is ONLY paid to legal citizens of the United States. Because, in order to get it, you need a social security number, which illegal aliens are not entitled to have until they are legal. So no, they are not allowed to have it.

Can an illegal immigrant get a social security number?

No, not legally.

Can a illegal alien have a social security card?

uh no!

Can illegal Mexican immigrants get Social Security benefits?


Can illegal aliens get social security?

No. They're not supposed to.

If an illegal alien has a social security card does this make him or her legal in any way?

An illegal alien can't get a social security card. They are only issued to legal citizens.

Is it illegal to not know your SSN?

You are not legally required to know your social security number, however, there are many situations in which you will need to know it; you cannot apply for a job or open a bank account without a social security number.

Can illegal aliens collect Social Security?

No. If you're in the United States illegally, you are not entitled to any Social Security benefits.