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YES, the law requires them to charge it.

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Q: Is it legal if your car was repossessed and they want to charge you a storage and handling fee for all the articles in the car?
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What can be done when the lien holder has repossessed your mobile home but has not removed it from your property?


Your vehicle was repossessed and the finance company charged you ''storage'' fee on the invoice to get your vehicle back can the repo agent still charge for storage?

no because the storage fee that the finance company charged you was what the repo company charged on the invoice. the finance company had no other reason to charge storage fee's they did not store it

Is there a fee to retrieve your possession from the repossessed car?

The repo agency will likely charge a "storage fee" for those items when you go to get them back.

Is it illegal for a towing company to charge you a fee for your possessions from a repossessed vehicle stating it is a cleaning fee and storage fee in the state of CA?


How do you claim your personal belongings from a car that has been repossessed and can the storage yard charge you for them?

* You have to contact the storage yard immediately. * If you have proof of ownership take it with you. (You might not need this.) * If you have proof that the car is registered in your name take that with you. * The storage yard should not charge you for holding your belongings if you have contacted them immediately. They might charge you some fee if they have to go to some trouble to get your belongings.

If your motorhome is repossessed what can they take?

Just the motorhome. Any personal property inside the motorhome remains yours, and they may not take it. In most states, however, they may charge a storage fee for personal property which was removed from the repossessed vehicle.

What are the laws in Maryland regarding retrieving personal property from a repossessed vehicle?

same as anywhere else. they CANT keep it, but may charge you a fee for inventory and storage.

How can you buy a repossessed vehicle directly from the bank?

Banks often keep repossessed vehicles in their parking garages. or in an appropriate storage area a reasonable distance from the bank. Walk into the bank and ask for the person in-charge of repossessed vehicles. Once onto the right department, state that you wish to purchase a particular repossessed vehicle when the title has cleared with the bank...and don't be intimidated into thinking you can't bargain, you can. Good luck.

In Arizona if your vehicle is repossessed and your get the vehicle back is it illegal for the repossession agent to charge a fee before they will return your licence plate?

In the State of Arizona, the license plate belongs to the debtor. They cannot charge you for your plate but they can charge you for inventory and storage of your personal property (which, incidently, includes your plate).

Can you charge a clean out fee on a repossessed car?

Use Ducktape

Are the repossession agent allowed to charge a storage fee and and a repossession fee in the state of Arizona?

If my vehicle was repossessed at 8:00 pm and I paid the lien holder the full amount to pay off the loan. Can the towing company charge two days of storage when I picked up my vehicle at 1:00 pm the following day?

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How much are abandoned vehicle storage fees in Nevada?

I just had my car repossessed and they told me i have to pay 75 dollars to get my personal things out. Also it hasnt been 24 hours. Im not sure is it illegal to charge that fee?

How much can a garage charge for storage after they finish repairs?

How much can a garage charge for storage after they finish repairs? in san bernardino county

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Can you charge storage on a auto mechanic lien?


When can shops charge for Storage fees on motorcycles?

A Motorcycle shop is trying to charge fees on a bike that is not repaird yet ? What are the rules and regulations on storage fees ?

Can a car be repossessed when another car is parked behind it?

Yes, a car can be repossessed even if another car is in front of it. The person in charge of repossession the vehicle can call the police to help them get the car.

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Can a storage facility charge you storage fees for days they are not open for you to pick up your vehicle?


Can you get items out of the car after it has been repossessed?

You certainly can. Its illegal NOT to let you get your PP. There will be a charge for inventory and staorage of iy.

Are there limits on storage fees that a body shop can charge?


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