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Depending on the state the answer is no. If you are in CA, AZ, CO, NY I know you must disclose that the vehicle has a salvage title.

As a private seller you are selling the car as-is but if your car was recently totaled/salvaged but you sold the car with the old clean title, that would be unethical. If I purchased the car from you and later could prove you knew of the salvage title I would certainly sue you and would probably win!

What about a if someone sell me a "junk title" car without telling me, and I can show that they knew about it ?

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Q: Is it legal to sell a salvage car without telling it to the buyer?
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Is it legal to sell a car with salvage title in Texas?

Of course. But you must clearly disclose the title status to the buyer.

Is it legal to sell used cars with no spare tires without telling the buyer?

It may not be illegal but IMO it is immoral. Why not just be an honest used car salesman and tell the buyer there is no spare tire? It is not like it is going to make or break the sale. We have enough dishonest people out there trying to get away with something and for sure do not need another one. Or why not just go to a salvage yard and get a spare for the car? Would you want a car dealer to do this to you?

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In most places it is not legal unless there was an emergency.

Is it legal to knowingly sell a vehicle with no exhaust system in Oregon without notifying the buyer in a private party sale?

yes it is

When a car is sold to you and the seller hid information from you is he liable for any of the repairs?

Without a legal contract it is "Buyer Beware" or "Sold as is".

How can you get the salvage title removed and how much does it cost?

It's not legal, ethical, or possible. A salvage title is a permanent brand. DON'T DO IT!!

Is it legal to sell a car without replacing deployed airbags?

nope as long as u notify the buyer that it has a deployrd air bag Legally you may be able to sell the car if you are not a dealer and you notify the buyer that the air bag is not functioning. But make sure you have a written release that the buyer and seller signs, indicating the SRS is not functional. Have this notarized and witnessed. Otherwise you may end up in a lawsuit. Personally, I would not take that chance, and would never sell a vehicle with the SRS deployed. Just not worth the risk of the buyer having an accident and then suing you for injuries he sustained due to the fact the air bag did not deploy. It has happened before and will happen again. Be smart and do not sell this car without repairing the SRS.

Is it legal to salvage feathers from dead ravens?

Not exactly sure why you would want to, but I'm pretty sure it's legal.

You bought a car and the dealer didn't tell you it had a salvage title?

Did you get or see a title when you purchased the car? If the dealer knowingly sold you a salvage vehicle without full disclosure, ask for a refund or threaten legal action. It's illegal not to disclose such info. This is not the case for a private seller.

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Is it illegal to sell a non emissions car to a smog state with out previously telling the buyer?

Cars are only required to meet emissions standards as of the date of production. If it was produced before emissions were installed in vehicles, then the car is legal. I would inform any potential buyer of this fact, just to be safe and honest.

If co-buyer has possession of a vehicle and has all financial resposibilities who is entitled to the vehicle buyer or co-buyer?

both buyer and co buyer --- Typically, in disputes like this, possession is factored into the legal decision. It is likely whoever has possession at the time of court findings will prevail.

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How do you title salvage vehicle in Illinois?

Salvage vehicles in Illinois can only be held by a licensed vehicle rebuilder, vehicle recycler or scrap processor or out of state salvage buyer and may not be driven on the road. If you are sold a salvage vehicle from a private party or Illinois dealer in the state of Illinois, the sale was not legal. Contact the Secretary of State Police for help. If you bring in a salvage vehicle from out of state, the vehicle must be inspected by a DOT safety inspection station and the Secretary of State Police before a rebuilt title is issued. You may not sell the vehicle except to one of the above licensed dealers. Contact a Secretary of State Police Vehicle Inspection Station for details.

What is the difference between destruction and salvage certificate?

Destruction =You can no longer drive the vehicle on the road and it can't be rebuild. Salvage =You can rebuild the car and is legal to drive on the road depending on the state you live in.

Can you sell a car without having a title for it?

I know in MA that the title is considered a legal document. You are not allowed to sell a car without the title.

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What happens to a co-buyer if the car is repossessed?

Same thing that happens to the buyer. Lender persues their legal options to collect the balance due.

Can we return a vehicle to a dealer a contract is in place?

Once you buy a car it is yours and you cannot return it. This hold good only if no issues and registration goes without any issue. for some reason if Vehicle is not registered and sold to other then the buyer can return the vehicle or even take legal action for selling a unregistered vehicle without informing to buyer.

Is it legal for the public to salvage used railroad steel?

Only if the railroad company allows you to have it, which they typically don't.

Is it legal to privately sell a car registered in FL in another state and would the buyer have to pay FL taxes or in their state?

Yes it is legal. You can sell the car in any state. The taxes will be paid in the state that the buyer registers the car in.

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Is it legal to sell a certified car with a pending recall?

Yes, it is legal, but make sure you tell any prospective buyer that there is a recall on the car.

Is the sell of a car legal without a title and just a bill of sell?

You can sell a vehicle to a salvage yard for parts with a bill of sale if they don't intend to resell the vehicle, but if you sell it to an individual, and they want to register the vehicle, they will need a title.