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Is it normal after having a tubal ligation a few months ago to have your period for months then all of the sudden it stops?

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I had my tubal in 2002 and I had my periods every month and it hasn't stopped yet. It also depends on your age. Some start to slow down and skip periods before they stop all together (menopause). When you're in your 30's the periods start to change in length and how heavy they are and some have cramps that they never had before. Check with your mom and see when see started to slow down and skip periods and when she stopped having them all together. This will give you an idea about when you should start to see signs of menopause. Another thing you can do is get a home pregnancy test and make sure cause you can still get pregnant. You can also get tests at the store that are like pregnancy test that can tell you if you're in menopause. If everything checks out to be ok then make sure you talk to your OBGYN at you 1 year check up.

I had my tubal one year ago- after my son was born. I was 32. I suffered many symptoms right away... depression, migraines almost everyday, a foggy- confused feeling in my head and weight gain. I didn't relate it to my tubal because I was getting regular periods. Well, my periods stopped... and so did my headaches and other symptoms two months ago. I just get irregular spotting now.

My doctor confirmed that a small percentage (up to 5%) of women who have a tubal ligation, suffer from a hormone imbalance because they had an artery from their uterus to their ovary or ovaries in one or both tubes and cutting that artery reduces blood flow to the ovary. This can cause a severe hormone imbalance... especially the hormone progesterone because it is only made in the ovaries. Without enough of it, you will fail to ovulate. The ovary will start to die. once one dies the other usually follows.

So, diagnosis for me is early menopause and hormone imbalance. I am not happy that I wasn't warned about this. I was told my ovaries would work just fine. Maybe they do for many... but not me. I would see your doctor if your periods stop and you are not pregnant. You may need to get on hormones. Look into natural hormone cream, not horse hormones that are prescribed. If you are pregnant, go to the doctor right away because the chances of it being a tubal pregnancy are great. Good luck.

To all you girls who haven't had your tubes tied yet... especially younger girls, think twice. There are other methods of birth control that don't have as many risks. Early menopause is heartbreaking and physically exhausting... to say the least.

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if you are just started to get your period yes it is normal to be irregular. but if you have been having your period this is not normal at all.

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after having my daugther in may i havent got my period and its been 4 months is that normal i took test and it came out negative?

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Yes, a woman can still get her period after having a tubal ligation. The only ting that a tubal ligation does is stop you from ovulating. The only way you stop having your period is by either going through menopause, having a hysterectomy, or another medical condition that stops you from having your period.

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Because you still have a functional uterus and functional ovaries. The ligation only stops the ova from entering the uterus.

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