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Yes. It's just part of the scabs falling off. Since they use a needle to inject the color under your skin, you get some multicolor scabbing because of the ink mixing with blood. Don't worry. Just dont pick it off! If you do the ink can come with it... And you dont want to have bald spots in you artwork. or scaring.

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โˆ™ 2008-07-18 19:09:55
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Q: Is it normal for a tattoo to flake off color after only a few days?
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Is it normal for a tattoo done two days ago to itch already?

yes especially if its already peeling

You had a period that lasted for 2 days the last day of it was a dirty brownish color what would make that happen?

It is normal for that to happen. The reason is the period was longer than normal seven days, and the uterine wall and the excess blood dried up. that turns the color a browinsh color...

Is it normal to have stuff come out of you 3 days after your period?

Yes, I do it too, its a brownish color.

When does a tattoo scab?

about 2 days

When should I be worried about swelling after a tattoo?

Some swelling is normal. However, if the swelling is excessive and does not decrease within a few days, I would suggest you see a doctor.

How long should a shin tattoo sting for?

A tattoo which is on the shin should sting for a few days.

My period usually last about a week every month with a normal flow but last month it lasted for about four days and was a dark brownish color is that normal?

NO. That is unusual.

Did Michael Jackson have any tattoos?

yes he did have a tattoo he had eyeliner as a henna tattoo during the thriller days!

How long does a tattoo leak plasma?

About 2 to 4 days,depending on the length of the tattoo session in that area.

What is the normal pregnancy numbers of days?

the normal pregnancy nmber of days is 280 days

How bad is it to swim with a new tattoo?

I swam 4 days after I got my tattoo in a lake and then a chlorine pool, and me and my tattoo is completely fine! But mine is also a very small tattoo, I wouldn't do it if it was a huge one.

Does a normal year have 365 days?

No, a normal year is 365.25 days.

Can you tattoo over a tattoo that has been faded by tattoo removal creams?

Yes you can. Though you will have to do this a certain amount of time after application of the cream. (30 days). Then the next tattoo you choose will have to have darker colors or heavier shading to completely cover the tattoo in which you have previously removed.

How long does an airbrush tattoo last?

3-5 days

Can you tattoo with charcoal?

Yes, But it want last few days

Is it normal to have your period for 8 days while your on the shot?

It is normal to have your period for eight days but only if it is normal - spotting.

How long do you need to apply lotion on your new tattoo?

after the first 3 days of using ointment, the remaining 7-14 days use lubriderm when your tattoo is starting to peel and looks dry.

Do tattoo artist get sick days?

yeah they can have sick days but it means they get get less pay :-) hope it hlps

What is the meaning of a life preserver tattoo?

vaccination done to baby and the mark of injection is called preserver tattoo they r not done now a days

Can neosporin remove tattoos?

No it cannot. Some tattoo artists even recommend you use it for a few days on a fresh tattoo to speed the healing

Is it normal for your one eye color to change from honey brown to Grey when im in different types of moods and stay for couple days to weeks?


Where can one find a tattoo shop in London?

Two popular tattoo shops in London, England are Tattoo End and Diamonds. Diamonds is located in the west end of London 7 days a week. Tattoo End is located at 319 Kensington Road.

Your tongue is bleeding slightly after 3 days of having it pierced is this normal?

yees , its totally normal , i jus called my piercer they said it suppose to its normal . he said slight bleedin will happen from time to time and to except color changes too .

Is it normal to have your period every 21 days?

yes. it is normal between 21 and 35 days.

Recently got a tattoo on forearm and there are blisters appearing on certain parts of it could anyone tell me why this is happening is it infected or is this normal?

First of all are the blisters on just the tattoo or are they on the surrounding area? If the blisters are found to be in the tattoo and the surrounding there is not much to worry about. I have seen this many times and it usually comes from shaving too close (it's like a razor burn). Now, if it just on the tattoo you may be having a reaction to the soap that was used during the tattoo process, or, you may be having a reaction to the aftercare you are using. YOU ARE USING A TATTOO AFTERCARE, YES! If your tattoo is older that 10 days and you still have these small blisters, try using straight alcohol to help dry up the blisters. I would not advise using it before the tat is at least 10 days old. If the blisters start to exude puss you should see a doctor immediately and get some antibiotics. Your fist 10 days is critical to your tattoo, do what your artist told you and you should have little to no trouble. If you tattoo was performed at a professional shop, you can always ask to see the autoclave, spore test results, and board of health license.