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Is it normal for an EGR to turn on off idle?

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βˆ™ 2004-05-11 07:04:07

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yes it runs off vaccum from the engine, it only works when the car is at cruising speed, not at idle or flat foot.

2004-05-11 07:04:07
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Q: Is it normal for an EGR to turn on off idle?
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How do you know if your EGR is broken?

If the egr valve is stuck OPEN - the Engine will run Very rough & idle bad - or not idle @ all-if the egr valve is starting 2 stick IT WILL TURN ON THE CHECK engine light-Sometimes U can take the valve off & clean them with a GOOD carb cleaner.

Can egr valve cause engine idle problem?

Yes, it can cause low/unstable idle or die off at idle.

How do you turn off the egr valve on a 87 ram 50 pickup?

You cannot simply turn an EGR valve off. You can clean it, replace it, or remove it, but you cannot turn it off.

When does the egr valve operate on a 95 Dakota?

Cruising down the highway, off idle.

When ac turned on 1995 suzuki sidekick idle drops wont idle up turn ac off engine returns to normal idle?

The A/C idle compensator solenoid is not functioning. This should be located next to the carb.

How do you turn off cube world?

Leave it idle.

Why does your car idle high and low then turn off?

Could be several reasons such as a large vacuum leak, a faulty EGR (Exhaust Gas Reclaimer) valve, a faulty MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor,

Would the egr valve cause the car to turn off when idling?

Yes, it could.

You can turn off your taste at will is this normal?


Do you lose less gas when you let your car motor idle for 3 minutes or when you turn it off and start it again?

Cheaper to turn it off.

How do you turn off a Wii?

You look for the button that you push to turn it on, then you push that button and hold it there for 3 seconds to go idle, and 5 seconds to turn it completely off.

If you unplug your idle air control valve on a car will it turn off?


1996 suzuki esteem has a P0400 EGR valve flow malfunction rough idle and sputters and wants to die when stopping and letting off the gas?

I would look into a stuck open, or jammed Egr Valve.

Why does your 73 beetle turn off when you take the foot off the gas?

Idle jet in the carb is clogged.

Why does a 1996 Chevy truck 2500 shake in a idle and almost turn off?

it has a low idle. Can also be a vacuum hose leak.

How do you turn off egr light off 87 dodge Dakota truck?

find out what is causing it to come on (by going to a shop) and correcting it.

88 samurai tries to keep running after shut off?

Turn the idle down.

Why does the engine die when you turn off or disengage the ac?

There is usually a solenoid that boosts the idle when A/C is turned on. If the car stalls when solenoid disengaged; the curb idle adjustment is off. Find the screw and give it a half-turn CW. Or, sometimes the end of the solenoid is the curb-idle adjustment . Put a wrench on it and try giving It a half-turn clock wise.

What is the function of an EGR Valve on a 88 Nissan sentra?

The EGR valve and the EGR sensor work together. The EGR gas temperature sensor is mounted near the EGR valve. The sensor detects the temperature of the exhaust as it moves through the valve. The information is sent to the ECM and in turn the EGR on/off time is regulated precisely and more efficiently. Any malfunction with the EGR gas temperature sensor will set off a code 35 ( Info taken from HAYNES MANUAL)

I can turn off my taste at will is this normal?

no its not normal..i personally have never heard of such a thing

How do you adjust timing on a 1985 Pontiac 305 when idle is off?

There is a idle screw on the throttle linkage on the carb that you can turn to increase the idle speed and then hook up your timing light to check the timing.

Is it normal for a DSI to turn off in the middle of a game?


Your eagle talon revs up from idle to 3000rpms?

You need to turn off the Overdrive switch.

Where is the egr valve on a 1994 3.0L V6 Ford Ranger?

I've been researching this as well, and have found others saying that some of these trucks aren't equiped with an EGR system. A truck without the egr will have a capped off spot right next to the Idle Air Control valve on the top-drivers side of the intake manifold. The EGR valve goes in this capped hole. My truck has the capped hole and no EGR.

Can a bad egr make your car shut off?

If it is stuck open it will stall the engine at idle or run really rough. Stuck closed won't really affect it.