Is it normal to have irregular periods after coming off the depo shot and is bleeding normal after intercourse?

Irregular bleeding after coming off the depo shot is common as your system is getting used to the loss of the hormones in your system. Bleeding after intercourse is usually a sign of infection. You may need to see your doctor about that. I HAD IRREGULAR BLEEDING FOR SIX MONTHS AFTER COMING OFF THE INJECTION, SO YES IT IS NORMAL I KNOW IT CAN BE VERY FRUSTRATING BUT SOME PEOPLE DONT EVEN GET A PERIOD FOR MONTHS, SO ITS A GOOD SIGN THAT YOUR BODY IS TRYING TO GET ITS NORMAL CYCLE BACK ,AS FOR BLEEDING AFTER INTERCOURSE I HAD THAT AS WELL IT MAY BE A INFECTION THATS TRUE BUT FOR ME IT WAS JUST THE WASTE FROM MY BODY, I DONT THINK YOU SHOUD WORRIE BUT THESE THINGS ARE ALWAYS BEST CHHEKED OUT IF ONLY FOR YOUR PIECE OF MIND BEST OF LUCK XXX I was on depo for about 3 years, when I started having irregular bleeding after sex I got off it, even though I didnt have an just didnt seem healthy, and I took it as a sign from my body that it was time to stop.