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I don't know how normal it is to lose weight early in pregnancy, but it certainly is not unusual or uncommon.

I lost several pounds during my first pregnancy. And I ended up having a very healthy 10 pound baby boy who is now a healthy and energetic 5'7" 12-year-old. He's a gifted student with above average intelligence; happy and outgoing with many friends; musically talented, technically inclined.

Obviously, my losing a few pounds in my first trimester didn't hurt him a bit.

Have a little faith in your doctor.

Congratulations and Good Luck!

I have to agree, listen to your doctor. With my first child I lost ten pounds and with my second I lost almost 20. Both from being sick so much in the first trimester. But had an end result of two very healthy baby's.

I'm in the 14th week now and still having nausea and morning sickness. I have lost 9 pounds+. The frequency of vomitting has reduced and it's like 1-2 days a week but when I throw up, I throw up the whole day. Can I hope to get better in next 2-3 weeks ?

With my first child I was sick the first five months, as well as having a bout with E-Coli, lost 19 lbs. Gradually gained it back so at the end of the pregnancy I had gained a net 1(one)lb. An 8 lb boy with the brain of Einstein, and as cute as Ashton.

I lost over 15 pounds in the first 12 weeks, and am currently 18 weeks, and not gaining it back quickly at all. My doctor says I am doing great, so that is what I go by! I would talk to your doctor to be sure.

I was super sick the first 12 weeks, and currently have about 1/3 of the appetite I did before I ever got preg. I still throw up every now and then, and have horrible indigestion! I have wrote it off as I am just going to be one of those "unlucky" ones! :) Just think of it this helps not to OVER eat!

pregnancy weightI'm in the first 12 weeks of my pregnancy and i am starting to lose weight I'm already a thin person weighing only 56kg at 184cm in height, but in the last 3 days I've gone from 56 to 53 and now I'm 52.... I'm going to buy another set of scales even though the ones i have are only a few weeks old, i cant help but think this inst healthy.... i eat a lot more than i used to and i get nausea but don't throw up... its weird.. i just don't know how I'm losing weight..

A lot of women lose weight during the first trimester. I lost about 5 pounds. I was told it has to do with your body adjusting to the extra hormones. I didn't get morning sicknes at all. Now I'm 36 weeks and the worst thing I experience is very bad heartburn. I have started to get lightheaded though. Throughout the day though I get very sharp pains in my groin muscles, and around the vagina (where the groin muscles come together. I have gained a healthy 20 pounds so far, and am all baby. Though they say she's only going to be maybe 7 pounds, very nice....

with my first baby i was 2 stone lighter when i gave birth than when i concieved i now have a healthy 2 year old 92cm boy who weighs in at around 36lb with my second i was 1 and half stone lighter when i gave birth than at conception he is a healthy 1 yer old boy at 79 cm and weighs in at around 25LB so i dont think it does cause harm well not in my case anyway

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Q: Is it normal to lose weight in the first 17 weeks of pregnancy?
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Is weight gain normal in the first 3 weeks of pregnancy?

Not normally because the baby is tiny

Is it normal for your stomach to cramp in the first weeks of pregnancy?


Does normal pregnancy last about 23 to 32 weeks?

A normal pregnancy is 40 weeks

How many weeks are in a normal first pregnancy?

40 weeks is the general term for pregnancy though it can be anywhere from 37-42.

Is it normal to feel slight cramping in your first weeks of pregnancy?

Yes, very normal.

Is cramping in first six weeks of pregnancy normal?

Yes it is normal.. Still tell you doctor

How many weeks long is a normal pregnancy?

A normal pregnancy is usually 40 weeks long.

Is it normal to feel period pain the first four weeks of pregnancy?

yes! i did

Baby weight after 32 weeks is 2kg. Is this normal weight or under weight and how this weigh can be increased during last 4 weeks of pregnancy?

This is a normal weight. Just continue to eat healthy and take your prenatal vitamins. If you have any concerns talk to your dr.

Is Spotting in first 3 weeks of pregnancy normal?

Yes, perfectly normal. It's called implantation bleeding.

Is bleeding normal for the first 3 weeks of pregnancy?

It isn't normal and I would suggest you call your doctor to discuss this.

How long does a normal pregnancy last?

A normal pregnancy lasts 40 to 42 weeks.

What pains are normal in pregnancy in the first few weeks?

Feels like growing pains

Is right side back pain normal during first weeks of pregnancy?

Not during the first few weeks maybe like into the 3rd or 4th month its normal but not a few weeks.See your OB/GYN

How many days is normal to bleed in six weeks of pregnancy?

It is not normal to bleed during pregnancy.

Weight gain at 20 weeks pregnant?

An ideal pregnancy weight gain starts with the addition of seven to 10 pounds in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. Most pregnant woman don't gain much in the first 2-3 months.

Is it normal to throw up during the first week of pregnancy?

Yes. Only if its not 2 weeks.

What is a normal term of pregnancy?

40 weeks

How many days are in a normal pregnancy?

physicians normally guage a pregnancy in terms of weeks, 40 weeks. What 40 weeks means is from the day of your LMP (last menstrual period). 40 weeks: 40weeks * 7days/week = 280days for a normal pregnancy

How much weight do you gain in the first few weeks of pregnancy?

2kg's but it was also Christmas to that was a factor too! Most women gain a couple pounds of water weight in the first few weeks of pregnancy. Since the baby to be only weighs a couple ounces weight gain early on is minimal.

What is a normal weight gain by 19 weeks pregnant?

Normal weight gain depends on your weight before pregnancy. If you are underweight you should gain 35 lbs, normal weight you should gain 25 lbs and if you are overweight you should gain 15 lbs. By 19 weeks you should have gained around 1/3 of the appropriate amount for you size.

Not having contration at 37 weeks of your pregnancy is normal?

Yes, its normal not to have contractions yet. 37 weeks is considered "full term" but a full term pregnancy is 37-42 weeks.

Can you feel the baby move at 8 weeks pregnant?

No, most women feel the baby at 16 weeks. For the first pregnancy, 20 weeks or later is normal

Is it normal that putting weight in first week of pregnancy?

The first week of pregnancy is technically the week your menstrual period, you technically have not even conceived yet! By the time you actually conceive you are about 2 weeks pregnant! (weird I know!). But you should gain about 2-3 pounds the first trimester.

Is it normal to have a fever during the first six weeks of pregnancy?

No. You might have a cold or something that causes a fever.