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Not really, but it could be nothing. If I were you, I'd call my doctor and see what they say. They may want you to come in or they may know just by what you tell them that it's nothing.

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โˆ™ 2004-05-07 09:48:00
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Q: Is it normal to see a light pink- stained mucus discharge when you wipe in front after moving your bowels at seven weeks of pregnancy?
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Can you have problems with moving your bowels?


Does too much magnesium cause loose bowels?

Magnesium is great for moving the bowels, that is the only thing that works for me, i tried everything. you have to regulate yourself, to find out the right dosage for you.

Why do i feel kicks in my stomach even if I'm not pregnant?

It's gas moving through your bowels!

What is to eat seven dates daily?

Dates are the fruit from a Date Palm tree. Eating dates will keep the bowels moving.

What stage in pregnancy for guinea pigs can you see the babies moving around?

At around 42 days into the pregnancy

Can you feel your uterus moving up during pregnancy?


When do the puppies start moving in the womb?

The puppies start moving on week 8 of the pregnancy as the begin to get in place for birth.

What can you do to have baby before due date?

Try reflexology,eating pineapples, primrose oil capsules, going for long walks, and curries to get the bowels moving.

When in the pregnancy of a dog Can you feel Puppies kick?

You may be able to feel the pups moving around by week 6 or 7 of the pregnancy.

White jelly discharge and period pains in belly?

The white jelly discharge is just your body cleaning itself and the period pains is just the flow moving through your body

Is waking up with really bad hunger pains an EARLY sign of pregnancy?

no take a pregnancy test. your brain is asleep but your body is still moving like your moving so you will always wake up hungry it's not a sign of pregnancy it's just your body doing what it normally does

What is fluttering in lower abdomen during pregnancy 20 weeks?

That is your baby moving

What month will baby start moving during pregnancy?

As early as 2 weeks

Does lightning contain salt?

No, it does not. Lightning is an electric discharge moving through ionized gas, a.k.a. plasma.

What is the difference between static electricity and electric discharge?

"Static" means that it is not changing or moving. "Discharge" means that electrical current is flowing from one place to another, reducing the remaining charge.

Can you feel your baby moving with an ectopic pregnancy?

Women with an ectopic pregnancy have different experiences. Some women may feel the baby moving at a certain period of the development, while others may not at all. Women would need to have a surgery in order to remove an ectopic pregnancy because of health risks.

Can baby be felt after six weeks of pregnancy?

You.can..... But of is your first pregnancy you may not recognize it as the baby moving....movement is most noticeable after 3 months

Is it normal for your side to hurt during pregnancy?

Yes it is normal , as the baby is moving about now.

Is it normal to feel pressure down there in early pregnancy?

yes because your baby is moving!! :)

What kind of things cause stress in your life?

Job, pregnancy, moving and death in the family

Why do your body feel bubbling inside of it?

It's the sound of food and waste moving through your intestine making its way to your bowels. It can also be stomach acid breaking down food.

How do narcotic drugs induce constipation?

One of the side effects of narcotic drugs can be constipation. Narcotics can cause constipation by slowing down your gastrointestinal activity. (your bowels are moving slower then normal)

How does a sponge help prevent pregnancy?

The Today Sponge acts as a barrier preventing sperm from reaching the fallopian tubes, it contains spermicide which prevents pregnancy by stopping sperm from moving.

What causes belly pains during pregnancy?

Most likely the baby either moving, or kicking really hard.

Nursing interventions in patient with constipation?

If a patient is having constipation encourage the patient to ambulate. Ambulation wakes the bowels and can get things moving. Other options are a enema, suppository, or oral medications; which require a doctors order.