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Is it possible for a woman to abuse a man and what are the signs?

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Yes, and the signs can be the exact same as if she was a man.

2006-07-23 07:10:21
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What are the signs a man married to a woman is gay?

There are no signs. You'd have to ask the woman.

Can a man with past drug abuse get a woman pregnant?

Yes he can

What are some signs that a man is interested in a woman?

when a man dedicates much of his time to attend to a woman regardless of his work

What is it called when a woman is ruled by a man?

A unhealthy relationship. It is called abuse.

What the signs for a goldfish laying eggs?

No idea man / woman

Do women abuse men?

It is not abuse its discipline when a woman hits a man, but when a man hits a woman its considered abuse. The above answer is not correct, anyone who hits, attacks, harms, hurts, gives physical or emotional pain to another person is infact abusing that person.

Can a woman get pregnant when the man and woman have fixed?

No; it would not be possible.

Can your sim get married to two sims on The Sims 3?

No, at the moment it is only possible for a man and a woman, a woman and a woman or a man and a man to get married in the Sims. 3-way marriages are not currently possible.

Can a woman be positive and a man negative for trichomoniasis?

Yes it is possible; about 50% of men are positive after having relations with an infected woman.It is possible, but not likely that a man be negative for trichomoniasis and the woman positive.Yes it is possible for the man to test negative for trichomoniasis and the woman positive; but is is not likely.

Why is it okay if a woman hits a man and gets away with it?

* Because a woman is naturally weaker than a man, and if a man was to hit a woman it would be unfair. * Unless the woman is defending herself no woman has the right to hit a man in anger and it's considered physical abuse.

Is it possible for a Christian woman to not be required to convert to Islam to marry a Muslim man?

Yes it is possible, A muslim man may either marry a muslim woman, a christian woman, or a jewish woman

What does a real man do with a woman?

A real man respects a woman in every way possible. He does what his woman wants and is correct morally.

What are the signs of a man playing games with a woman?

check if they have mental problems.

Signs a man likes a woman?

If its a kid than the guy will be as nice as they can to you.

What are the signs that a man is attracted to a woman he barely knows?

constant erections.

Taurus woman and Scorpio man?

They're opposite signs, but it can work.

Is it possible for a woman to marry a man?


Are Leo man and Virgo woman compatible?

Yes. Astrological signs are irrelevant.

Is an Aries man and aquarious woman compatible?

Zodiacal signs have no bearing on relationships.

Can a Virgo man marries a Aries woman?

Yes, but Fire signs and Earth signs aren't really the best of friends.

What are the signs a woman is in love with a man?

One of the signs is that you start to feel butterflies in your stomach aka as your very nervous when your around him

Is it possible for a man to transform into a woman?

It is not possible biologically, but it is socially. Biologically, you will still have the male or female chromosomes. Socially, you can chance from a man to a woman, via surgery by removal of genitalia.

Would a Scorpio woman attract a man that has two signs Pisces and aquarious?

It depends on that person. Star signs have nothing to do with anything.

If a man and woman read quietly together the woman gets up and turns the light out the man continues to read how is this possible?

A possible answer is that the man is blind and is 'reading' a Braille book - so obviously he does not need a light on

Who should a man contact if a woman is abusing him?

A man that is being abused by a woman can contact Mental Health in the region they live in and they will lead you to the Men's Abuse Program where everything is kept confidential.