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Yes, the plates are your property. You may reclaim your property.

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Q: Is it possible for the plates on a car to be returned?
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How do you dispose of license plates in Illinois?

License plates are needed for car identification. When a license plate expires, the plate must be returned to the local department of motor vehicles.

Is it possible to clean the plates on the inside of a car battery to make it hold a charge?


How do you get your license plates back after your car is repossessed?

In Mississippi the plates remain with the car. You need to call the bank. They will give them to you most likely. File a stolen report and sue the lender in court.They do not have a right to your plates nor your personal propery.SUE THE BANK/LENDER NOT THE REPO MORON !!! You should Report The Plates Stolen and if someone gets cought with them That will be on the bank or the person that lent them out In Georgia the plates are to be returned to the debtor. they dont stay with the car anymore

Can a dead persons license plates be used?

No. The plates need to be on the same car they are registered to, so you can't go take the plates off a car of a dead person and put them on a different car. Let's say you inherit the car so you would go have the car put in your name and the plates would stay on the car but in your name. If you took the plates off a car to use on another car that would be stealing the plates. This could result in arrest.

When can you start buying 15 reg plates is it possible to buy a 15 reg plate without purchasing a new car and if so when do they go on sale?

You can buy the registration plates if you have a vehicle.

Can i still get the original black plates for a 1966 ford mustang coupe?

It is possible to find original black plates for a 1966 Mustang coupe. You can contact local car restore shops for details.

Can you bring a car with other car licences plates?


If you sell a used car in California do you keep the license plates or do the plates stay with the car?

When you sell a used car in California the plates stay on the car. After selling aÊused vehicle in California a title transfer needs to be done.

Do you need car insurance on a car that you do not drive in the state of Delaware?

If you have plates on it, and you intend to keep those plates, then yes.

What should you do if you notice a car following your car?

Call the police, if you can see the plates write it down and tell the police. Make sure your doors are locked and drive to a police station if possible.

Does a least car have special plates?


Can you get plates for your car with out a license?


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