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Is it possible to change a two-wheel drive Mitsubishi Eclipse into an all-wheel-drive?


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2010-08-25 03:31:49
2010-08-25 03:31:49

If you are looking to do a FWD conversion to AWD here is a site I used to change my FWD Eclipse.

It will show you what you need to do the conversion and along how to do it. If you do now feel conformable doing the conversion buy the parts and pay a mechanic to do it for you.(it will cost more, but hopefully it will be done correctly) If you have anymore question feel free to e-mail me @

AnswerWe would send cars from our Ford Dealership out to have them Supercharged and Modified at Rausch and Steve Saleen in Southern California, I believe there are more places who do this type of work. As far as making a 2 wheel drive into a 4 wheel drive while anything is possible I have never heard of this as the cost of changing axles and all would cost more than a factory built 4 wheel drive AnswerIt is possible. Many people have done it. Find a totaled all-wheel drive dsm, with the axels still good in a junk yard, buy it, and put it in. it should cost around 2,000. Answerthere is a lot invloved. You have to buy the power train parts of course. different transaxle, transfer case, and rear drive axle. But GS-X also has a different fuel tank because stock one gets in the way of the drive shaft. AnswerThe above responses are going to leave you with alot of surprises if you take their word for it. To make this modification it would cost around 6000 dollars. Read about it here.

the answer above is very right. and a gst is faster than a gsx because is about 325 puns lighter but you get better control with a gsx and the top speed in a gxs is higher than the gst for about 20 mph


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