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Yes you can.

Sometimes the baby dies but you do not 'miscarry' it.

Eventually you will probably pass it but sometimes you may need to be induced.

Unfortunately this is called a missed abortion.


Abortion. Medical term for termination of pregnancy by any means before the fetus (baby) is able to survive.

Threatened abortion. Bleeding and/or cramps with the fetus still alive and the cervix (neck of the wonb) still closed.

May go on to become

Inevitable abortion. (Miscarriage) Cervix opens and fetus is lost.

Incomplete abortion. Some of the products of conception (fetus and/or placenta) are retained.

Therapeutic abortion. Termination of pregnancy by a medical practitioner.

D and C. Dilation and Curettage. Operation whereby the gynecologist opens the cervix (dilation) and scrapes (curettes) the lining of the uteus (womb) to remove the products of conception. May follow an incomplete abortion.

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Q: Is it possible to have a miscarriage and not the pass the tissue of the fetus?
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Not passing tissue after miscarriage?

why didnt i pass the tissue after the miscarriage at 6 weeks

How long does it take to pass a fetus after you suspected you have had a miscarriage?

The fetus is passed during the bleeding of a miscarriage. If it's in the first trimester, the fetus is smaller than a prune, so would look like a large clot.

Is it normal for tissue to pass months after a miscarriage has taken place?


Can a miscarriage happen while peeing?

Yes, you can pass tissue from a miscarriage while peeing. I know this from personal experience.

Is it possible to pass a fetus when you sit on the toilet to urinate when you didn't know you were pregnant and not start bleeding until the next day?

Yes, it is possible to be pregnant and have a miscarriage before learning you were pregnant. When you sat on the toilet to urinate, your body was in a position to easily pass the fetus, which may be why you passed it when you did. But if that is what happened to you, you need to see your doctor to find out why you didn't start your period until the next day, and to make sure the uterus shed the lining (afterbirth) as it should. When a miscarriage occurs, bleeding begins either just before passing the fetus, or immediately after.

After 3 or 4 weeks you have a miscarriage and you take the medication misoprostol to pass the remaining tissue but nothing happened what is the next step?

GO TO YOUR DOCTOR!!! At 3-4 weeks you usually pass everything with a miscarriage so there is nothing more to pass after taking misoprostol.

Can you have a miscarriage with out cramps chills fever or low back pain Just pass blood and tissue?

Yes you can. Chills and fever are signs of infection and it is quite possible to have a miscarriage without infection. A very early miscarriage may also be painless, though a later one witll probably give you cramps and/or lower back pain.

How many people die from fifth disease each year?

No, but if your pregnant and you get fifth disease you could pass on the sickness to the fetus and increase risk of still-birth and miscarriage.

Can you pass tissue and get pregnant again?

Absolutely. 1/3 of all pregnancies ends in miscarriage and there are usually no problem getting pregnant again.

If you pass tissue that is not a blood clot and looks light pink and a little like a hair ball and have missed two periods could this be a pregnancy or miscarriage?

If you have not taken a pregnancy test it is not possible to know if you are having a miscarriage by what you have described. Call your Gynecologist, if you have the "hair-ball" ask him if you should bring it with you to your exam and what you should store it in in the mean time.

Is it possible to induce miscarriage by straining to pass gas?

No! You'd really hurt yourself before it even came close to affecting your baby - even if it were possible!

If you pass tissue that is not a blood clot and is more of a grayish pink color is that a miscarriage or just lining of the uterus?

please go see your Dr., baby.

You have had a very heavy period with large clots and you have been passing some clots that look like raw steak Do you think that you have had a miscarriage?

During a miscarriage, the tissue is usually clots that are a grey or pinkish colour & sometimes you can see veins. However it is possible to pass large black clots during a miscarriage. It's possible you could have a miscarriage but it depends if you was having pregnancy symptoms. You may simply be having a unusually heavy period for you & passing large clots because of this. Antibiotics can sometimes cause the symptoms you mentioned but its unlikely. See your Doctor for a blood test asap.

How do you get the miscarriage out?

It should pass naturally.

Can you pass the fetus and placenta separately during miscarriage?

Yes. I have had two miscarriages, both at 8 to 9 weeks. The first one, everything came out as one. On the second one, I passed the fetus first then passed the placenta the next time I went to the toilet. The placenta is much bigger.

When does a fEtus PASS GAS?

it doesnt pass gas at all...

Is it a miscarriage if you have sharp pains and pass tissue but don't bleed until a week later?

It sounds as though you may be having a miscarrieage unfortunately. You should see your doctor.

Is it possible to have a miscarriage without bleeding?

Yes it is. I had a miscarriage this way. I went in for a standard appointment at 8 weeks and discovered by ultrasound that my baby had died at 5 weeks 4 days. I felt no cramps and had no bleeding. It is called a missed abortion or missed miscarriage. It is very common also. I was sent home and still did not pass the baby on my own even after 3 more weeks so I had to have a D&C (Dilation and Curettage) which is a procedure where they manually widen the cervix and remove the fetus from the uterus.

How are babies removed on the womb when miscarried?

If the miscarriage happens early enough in the pregnancy, the body will contract and the miscarriage will pass out of the mother, similar to her having a heavy period. If the fetus has begun to develop enouhg, then a procedure, similar to a c-section or abortion, will have to be done by a doctor to remove the dead cells without harming the mother.

What wastes are pass from the fetus to the mother?


What does the tissue of a miscarriage look like and how long dose it take to pass?

its like a grape like tissue...but sometimes blood cluts misinterpret as tissue..i have been to 3 miscarriages..if sometihing pass out try to put in container with some alcohol.just for a day.if it just disolved in just blood clut.but if turn out to be solid like tissue..i think u just miscarriage. if it does..just have proper burial..just dont flush baby in toilet.and take note dont just give it to doctors when u want to check up.they just going to study it...i hope i answer ur question.. good day.

You are 12 weeks pregnant and having light bleeding and no heart beting?

This is a miscarriage and abnormal pregnancy. You will need to see an OB/GYN to have a surgery to remove this abnormal pregnancy if you do not pass this tissue on your own.

Would you pass clots or tissue if you miscarry at only 5 weeks' pregnant?

Recently I experienced my third miscarriage at 4 weeks. I had two days of heavy bleeding and one day when a very large clot plopped into the toilet, which was the amniotic sac.Yes you do pass clots and tissue.Good luck and blessings!

Is it healthy to still be passing tissue 4 days after your miscarriage?

You can experience this for up to two weeks. I am very sorry for your loss. Hang in there! yes. you can pass tissue from your pregnancy for a couple of weeks. After my D&C I passed clots for 2 weeks. If you are worried call your doctor. Hello. I am very sorry for your loss. Yes you can continue to expell tissue from the miscarriage for two weeks. If you notice a smelly discharge, see your doctor incase you have a infection. Hang in there and my sympathies are with you.

Which STD can pass the placenta and infect the fetus?

The bloodborne STDs can pass the placenta and infect the fetus. These include hepatitis, HIV, and syphilis. The other STDs are transmitted during birth.