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Is it possible to lose a noticeable amount of weight from the glute and hamstring area by only exercising on a treadmill?

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No u need to do a legg work out like squats leg exstencion and stiff legged dead lifts along with the tread hint: use the stairs

2005-04-21 00:56:37
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What is the best description for a hamstring injury?

In case of a hamstring injury, one or more of the hamstring muscles get stretched too far. It is even possible that the muscle starts to tear. One is most likely to get this injury during exercises such as running or jumping.

Is it possible to ride a bicycle on a treadmill?

I just did it then Works fine

How often I should I use my treadmill and for how long?

You should use your treadmill on a regular basis. You should use it every day if possible. You should use the treadmill for twenty to thirty minutes.

Can a treadmill help you to lose body fat?

It's possible to lose body fat with a treadmill, as long as you also watch what you eat.

What are some possible cures for ADHD?

Sadly. I have adhd and there is no possible way for it to be cured. And it's not really noticeable.

Does exercising change hormones?

exercising does change some chemicals in your body. every body is different so hormone change is possible.

How can you shrink your thighs fast?

By doing exercises you can shrink your thighs as early as possible, in exercises cardio is the good choice to you. In cardio especially lungs and hamstring work well to reduce weight of legs. If you haven't any about lungs and hamstring, you can google for these exercise videos; you will have found so many videos regarding lungs and hamstring.

How noisy is this treadmill for someone who lives in an apartment?

The treadmill itself isn't particularly noisy, but running on it will likely be able to be heard through the floor. If your downstairs neighbors have sensitive ears, it might be possible to find some foam padding to put under the treadmill to dampen the sound.

Is it possible to have a pull in you r hamstring if you can run through it?

Well, it depends how bad you have pulled it. But I remember when I pulled my hamstring, I could run through it, but it did hurt. And the more you run through it, the worse it will get. Hamstrings take a long time to heal, so I would recomend not to. You should sit down and let it rest and not put alot of pressure on it to get the quickest results.

Is it possible to train dogs to run on small treadmills?

Training dogs to run on small treadmills is totally possible, and has been done before. Just remember to keep the speed low at first, and match the treadmill to the size of the dog.

Does it mean that you have aids if you lose a lot of weight without exercising or being on a diet?

Its possible. But there are a lot of other things that would also cause that

What is the fastest way to get librium out of your system?

There is no fastest way, there is only the way. Wait. It is possible that you can speed up the process by exercising, but the increase is negligible.

Is it possible to not have pimples?

Yes, it is possible to not have pimples though probably quite rare. By maintaining a healthy diet, exercising, drinking plenty of water and keeping your skin clean, you can greatly minimize the occurrence of pimples.

When should you start exercising after a prolapse?

As soon as possible. Those vaginal muscles need strengthening to try to regain some of their lost tone and try to maintain it by exercising them frequently. It will not make the prolapse go away, but it may prevent it from getting worse. Good luck.

Are cotton or wool tights also for boy's?

I would so no...unless you plan to wear them under pants or possible shorts when exercising in cold conditions.

How can you lose 50 pounds riding bicycles?

Yes it is possible. Because you are exercising your musclesand that's what make you lose numerous pounds. Trust me i tried it.

Are diet exercise plans necessary for me after putting myself on diet?

Yes. Dieting alone will show minimal results. To get the best results possible, exercising while dieting will be your best bet. You'll need to burn more calories exercising than the calories you take in while eating.

How do police catch serial killers?

Serial killers are a long process to catch. It involves many law enforcement agencies and the ones caught have been possible for noticeable mistakes.

Winter wet indicator lights blinking and arrow blinking on dash is this just an electrical problem because no noticeable problems with drivetrain what are possible fixes?

Troubleshoot for possible failure of gear position sensor (external transmission part). Diags should reveal this.

What noticeable trend might be used from a graph to make a conclusion?

Average hamster weight decreases with an increase in the daily amount of a drug until the hamsters reach a minimum possible weight.

Is arm sleeve safe to wear during exercising?

Yes, an arm sleeve is safe to use while exercising. The important thing is to make sure that the sleeve will not catch on anything, and possible cause injury that way. Always make sure to tie your hair back, and tuck in clothing when working out on exercise machines.

What symptoms are found in people who have diverticulitis?

Diverticulitis doesn't have very many noticeable symptoms. However, some possible symptoms are possible. These include: diarrhea and constipation alternating, chills, fever, and lower stomach cramps. It's best to consult a doctor if you're unsure.

Is training solely on the treadmill a bad method in preparation to run a half marathon?

Yes, it is. Running on a treadmill will certainly help, but treadmills don't have the incline variability of natural terrain, so your body won't be prepared to run the half-marathon. Training on a treamill is a great way to prepare for a mini marathon. It would also be a good idea to get some actual track time in if possible.

Is it possible to identify possible stroke symptoms in conjunction with a person's lifestyle?

Well, if one doesn't eat healthy or exercise regularly, it could lead up to stroke or other heart diseases. I would recommend eating healthy, sleeping regularly, and exercising often.

Why is it possible for some viral diseases remain undetected for years?

because the arent always noticeable..sometime they dont end up getting a person sick, you just end up being a carrier