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if the fault has been fixed, u can remove code by disconnecting battery for 5 minutes then reconnecting battery

if fault has not been fixed, it will keep showing up until it is fixed

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When do ignition switches need to be changed?

When they develop a fault.

What does Hyundai fault code 1312?

Ignition coil 2

Citronn berlingo horn not work with keys in ignition but will when you take them out?

sounds like earth fault under drivers airbag, very common but will need to follow process to remove airbag.

Is Georgia a fault or no fault state?

Residents of Georgia can file either a no-fault divorce or fault divorce. There are 12 possible grounds for fault divorces.

Fault finding in colour tv receiver?

what are the possible fault in colour tv transmitter and receiver?how we can overcome this fault?

Is there a fault line in Wisconsin?

ITs possible

What is the anagram of fault?

There is no anagram of the word fault. The longest possible words are flat and latu.

What does fault code 43 mean on Chrysler new yorker?

Ignition coil circuit malfunction.

When do page Page fault occur?

The Page Fault does occurs when there is unexpected event that has occurred in Windows. When the Page Fault occurs it is not possible for the hardware to function.

98 dodge Dakota fault code p0351?

P0351 - Ignition Coil A Primary/Secondary Circuit MalfunctionPart or components should not be replaced based only on a DTC without first consulting the vehicles service manual for more information on possible causes of the fault as well as required testing procedures.

What is code P1361 on a Holden VX Commodore?

This code is set when the pcm gives 5v signal to ignition bypass and dose not get a return signal from icm, check wiring at pcm and icm possible icm fault, or crank sensor.

What causes it not to start 1985 Plymouth Voyager SE mini van?

Not much info to go on. Is the starter cranking the engine?

Electric windows heater doesnt work in your saxo What is the problem?

ignition barrel needs changing this is a common fault

Why is your Ford Focus 2003 new starter working intermittently?

Fault with new starter motor Fault with immoboliser Fault with ignition switch or wiring Low battery charge Loose terminals battery/starter motor Bad engine earth.

Is fault a common noun or a action verb?

The word 'fault' is a common noun and an action verb, a word for an act. Example uses: Noun: The fault was found in the ignition wiring. Noun: The roots growing in the rock fault had made it more severe. Verb: I can't fault your reasoning, you just arrived at the wrong conclusion. Verb: It's easy to fault others when we haven't been in their situation.

What are the troubleshooting procedures for the cruise control on a Chevrolet Colorado?

#1 Fault is a Brake Lamp switch inop. Double check that ALL 3 Lamps Are cycling.

ON A 1999 FORD f550 truck why would you have no power to the ignition wire at the starter solenoid?

Possibly the neutral switch is at fault.

Is it possible for a Kentucky earthquake to be felt in California?

No. Not the same fault line.

What can cause all of your meters in your dash to drop to the left then go back to normal and service and service engine light to be on?

Check for an electrical fault in the ignition wiring. The run circuit either has a fault, bad ignition switch or weak battery. Also take to a mechanic to try capturing the OBDII messages from the ECM.

Who is at fault when you are stopped for a light and the car in front backs up into you?

that would be the person that goes into reverse, because as long as you are stopped it is not your fault. the only possible chance of it being your fault is if you are in motion, but even than it would be a technicality that you could be at fault.

Can any one go near the San Andreas fault?

Yes, the fault runs up the coast of California and it is possible to walk along it in places. The fault is only dangerous when it actually moves.

Who would be at fault for a car accident that occured when turning right after stopping at a stop sign and hitting a cyclist as she came towards you in the bicycle lane and was cycling against traffic?

You as the driver will be considered the at-fault party, being that cyclists and pedestrians always have the right of way.

Error code p0351on Ford Escape have changed coil?

Ignition Coil A Primary circuit fault. Check your wiring and connections.

Why does my starter motor swing on its own?

There must be an electrical fault somewhere. It might be in the in the switch that is actuated by the ignition key, but it might be elsewhere.

Why does your 1989 Ford Laser cuts out after driving a bit?

The most common fault is the ignition module in the dissy which breaks down when warm.