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Is it possible to replace the 4-speed with a transmission with Overdrive on a 1979 Ford 400 motor?

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βˆ™ 2011-09-13 03:05:30

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It's possible, but it wouldn't hold up very long. a 400 is a high torque but low horsepower motor and most tranny's wont take high torgue levels

A 400 is a high horse and torque motor, I have one in my 250. Yes its possibel, anything is possible if you have the time and money.Truthfully the fuel economy should improve if you use the overdrive. I know my uncle had a truck that was set up for overdrive and he put a 4 speed tranny in and the fue economyl was horrible. Either way let me know how it turns out, i was thinkin wether or not to put a 5 speed in mine.

2011-09-13 03:05:30
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What transmission is in 96 Pontiac sunfire 2.4 4speed automatic?

you answered it yourself, a 4 speed with overdrive

What automatic transmission does a 1994 F250 gas truck have?

one of three. c6 3speed auto. aod 4speed with overdrive. or a 5 speed manual

Do a used installed 4speed overdrive transmission in a 1995 3.0 dodge caravan se need to be reset?

The TCM needs "quicklearned" to reset its adaptive shift memory. A scan tool is required.

What transmission came in a 1990 Chevy pickup 4speed automatic?

It would be the 700R4

What transmission is you in a 1989 Chevy extended cab 2 WD truck?

700r4 if it is a 4speed auto Thanks 1202208751

How many kilometer per liter does 3Au engine consumes?

If 4speed transmission it consumes around 9 to 11km/L But if you're using 5speed transmission it consumes around 12 to 15km/

Does a 1962 MCI challenger bus have an air assist clutch?

Yes the MCI MC5 has Air assist clutch its at the drivers side on the transmission which is a 4speed .

Can the same 3.5l dodge charger engine fit a 4speed or 5 speed transmission?

if you can find a bell housing that will bolt up to the engine you will be in business.

How much transmission fluid goes in a 1985 4speed Harley dyna?

There's no such vehicle. The first Dyna model was introduced in 1991. However, all 1985 Harley Big Twins require 24 ounces of transmission oil.

What kind of transmission do a 1996 ss impala has?

In 1994-1996 B-Bodies (Impala SS,Caprice,Road Master,Fleetwood, & Oldsmobile Cruisers) came with the 4L60E 4speed Automatic.

Your suzuki runs over 3000 rpm at 65 mph is this too high?

no ,you have most probably a 4speed automatic,right. no ,you have most probably a 4speed automatic,right.

How do you replace the speed sensor on a 92 Plymouth Voyager?

Depends on what transmission we are talking about... if its the A413 its real simple, the speed sensor is located on the back of the transmission, right about where the passenger side axle goes into the transmission... the sensor is held in with 1 10mm bolt, when removing you will have to wiggle the sensor back and forth because it will be a tight fit because the sensor has an 0 gasket on it.... if its the A604 4speed transmission, then there is 2 speed sensors that are plasic, an input and an output speed sensor, the input is located near the trans dip stick, im not sure where the output is.

Is the Mitsubishi delica AT has only 4 speed?

no,it doesn't 4speed

1991 dodge ram van b250 weight limit?

Depends on engine and transmission. GCWR (Vehicle+Trailer) is as low as 8800 for 3-speed V6, or as high as 13,000 for 5.9 V8 / 4speed OD

Where is the drain and fill plug for a 4speed sm465 transmission?

Trying to remember the last one I had... fill plug should be on the left (driver's) side, about halfway up the case. The drain plug is on the very bottom of the pan.

How many times should a 1984 Dodge pickup shift?

The automatic trans is a 3 speed. The manual is a 5auto a727 3speed.manual 4speed a833 or 4speed a435. no 5 speeds until 1989.

How many quarts of fluid in both the transmission and the torque converter for 92 dodge Dakota v8 4speed and transfer case?

The trans will need almost 12 quarts The transfer case will hold almost 2 quarts

How many miles to a gallon in 2004 Chevy Malibu?

I have a 2004 Chevy Malibu Classic with a 2.2 Ecotec engine and a 4speed automatic overdrive tranny. It gets a steady 31mpg if driven easy. 55 and lower. Occasionally it will get up to 33mpg. As low as 27 in the Winter and pushing the speed.

What is the weight of a 1966 Chevelle ss 396 4speed?

around 3,600 lbs.

What is the difference between a 4T60E and 4L60E transmission?

The 4t60e is a 4speed Transverse 60 (rating) and E for electronically controlled transmission used in front wheel drive cars. The 4L60e is a 4spd Longitudinal 60 (rating) and E for electronically controlled. If your vehicle is rear wheel drive or 4wheel drive it would have the 4l60e.

Does 2002 automatic Pontiac sunfire have a transmission dipstick?

The 2002 E2.2L engine 4speed auto does not have a transmission dipstick!! To check the fluid level you have to go under the car and unscrew and remove a threaded plug in the transmission pan. The car must be level when you do this. After you remove the plug, check to see if any transmission fluid is dripping from the hole. If there is then you don't need transmission fluid. If it is not dripping fluid you need to add some. You add fluid until it begins dripping from the hole. You then replace the plug. To add fluid you must find and unscrew a threaded cap found by looking under the hood on the driver's side on top of the transmission. Sometimes the cap is red and sometimes it is black. You may find it easier to go to a quick oil change place and get them to check it for you.

What is the curb weight of a 1966 Chevelle with big block and 4speed?

3,600 lbs. or a little more.

How reliable is the Sunfire 4speed auto transmission?

In all the time I've spent here in the Sunfire group, I've never heard anything about that transmission failing. I know that's not much of a recommendation, so take it for what it's worth. My '96 has the 4 speed auto. The car has 204,000 miles on the clock and the transmission has never hiccuped. Check the fluid periodically and don't beat the car up too badly. I would guess that the transmission might be trouble free for a long time.

How many 1972 442 had a 4speed?

does a 70 front bumper fit a 71 cutlass front bumper

Is a 1990 dodge daytona 3.0 automatic a 3 speed or 4 speed?

i think it was a 3speed and optional 4speed