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Is it possible to stop a leaking heater coil by putting a liquid stop leak in it?

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it all depends on how big the hole is. but i would not suggest ever using a "leak stopper" unless it is an absoulue emergency, they always cause problems down the road which can get very expensive. I agree with that fella above...If you MUST use something use a table spoon of black pepper. This stuff is a miracle worker and its not AS detrimental to the other components of the cooling system. My grandaddy showed me this "indian trick" on an old Dodge car with a crack in the water pump....It ran fine for several years answer i agree with not using stop leak it makes the problem worse down the road the black pepper solution i have used many times in engines fro 4 cylanders all the way up to 450 horsepower truck engines most laugh but it is fool proof and will come out of engine when u dump radiator other than that, replace heater core they are not expensive

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What is the green liquid leaking onto floor passenger side?

Antifreeze leaking from the heater core.

What is the liquid leaking from under your dashboard 1986 Chevy Celebrity?

The heater core has failed and is leaking engine coolant.

What could be leaking on the drivers side floor board on a 1995 Chevy Lumina?

Heater core, windshield, or a clogged cowl drain line. If the liquid tastes sweet it is coolant and the heater core is leaking. Heater core must be replaced. If not, it is one of the other 2 problems.

What Orange liquid is leaking from the front right of your 86 buick regal?

Orange liquid leaking from any vehicle is usually a sign of a leaking cooling system. If the location is in the front then it is likely an issue with the radiator.

How do you access hose to heater core on 96 blazer?

You have to remove the entire dash to get to the heater core. It is a job that makes even the most experienced mechanics cringe. What is the problem. If it is not putting out warm air you can back flush it. If it is leaking put some Alumaseal in your radiator. It won't clog up your cooling system, but will stop a leak in the heater core. I think it's a couple of bucks at your auto parts store. Don't put any of that Bar's leaks in the system. It WILL clog up your radiator. Stay away from the liquid gooey kind of leak fixer. Use only Alumaeal. After putting it in let your car fully heat up and turn on the heater maximum to get it to work.

Why is driver floor wet on Volvo s80?

Place a white towel on the floor of the car if when you press it down on there and the liquid is green its coolant leaking into your car it could be coming from a hose or your heater core

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My truck is leaking green oily liquid onto my passenger side floorboard I've read that it might by coming from my heater core How world I fix this?

Yes, the leak definitely sounds like a leaking heater core. Sometimes they are easy to replace, and sometimes they are difficult. You can try some radiator stop leak in the radiator but most of the time they have to be replaced. If you do it yourself, get a good repair manual from an auto parts store. It will have the instructions on how to replace it.

What orange liquid is leaking from the front left of 1998 intrepid?

This is coolant. You have a leak in your cooling system or you water pump has failed and is leaking.

What should you do if red liquid is leaking out of your car?

Take it to someone to fix it.

What kind of red liquid could be leaking of out my car?

Red liquid is usually transmission fluid. transmission fluid

Where is water in the drivers side floor coming from on 2001 Galant?

If it is just plain water, then you have either a leaking windshield or more than likely a stopped up A/C drain line. Look under the car passenger side and find the drain line and unclog it. If, on the other hand you have coolant leaking, then you have a leaking heater core, which must be replaced. Taste and smell the liquid. If it smells and taste sweet it is coolant and not just water.

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Why would a 1994 cavalier wagon keep getting wet on the passenger rear floor with no visible sign of a leak top or bottom?

Possible heater core leaking. If the liquid taste sweet it is coolant and the hater core needs replacing. If it is just plain water, then the A/C condensor drain line is probably stopped up. Located near firewall, passenger side, under car.

What is the clear liquid not water leaking from under engine 2001 V70 Volvo?

A/C condensate?

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