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Is it safe to keep your computer on for a long while?

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Mine is on for 24 hours straight, but i turn it off eventually Turning your computer off and on repeatedly actually causes more "wear and tear" on it than leaving it run continuously. It's still a good idea to reboot it periodically. One reason is to clear up any memory that might not have been fully released by the application that last used it. A buildup of unreleased memory will deteriorate your computer's performance over time. I usually reboot mine every 2 weeks or so. Also be sure and periodically run scandisk and defragmenter on your system to keep it in top shape.

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How do you stay safe while using a computer as well as how o keep your computer safe?

You can stay safe and keep your computer safe by installing antivirus in it.Todays antriviruses provide you web,pc,virus,malware,spyware,phishing security. every security keeps you safe from can buy quick heal or avast for that.

What is the definition of computer safety?

Tips on how to keep safe on the computer

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If your not careful, it will add a computer virus into your computer. But, if you play a safe game on there, you should be ok. c:

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Is it required to have both antivirus and antispyware on a personal computer?

it is not required but it is recommended if you want to keep your laptop safe and keep viruses away.

Is my computer online safe?

No computer is really safe online. But, as long as you have a good Anti Virus, and some firewall running and your installing security updates, you should be good.