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It will show as a VOLUNTARY repo but still a repo. It will indicate to other lenders that you know when you are over extender and that you DO NOT attempt to use their collateral without paying for it. It IS a good idea to do so.

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Q: Is it the same thing as repossession if you call the loan company to pick up the vehicle since you can no longer pay for it?
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How long does car ins have to pay a claim on burned vehicle?

The insurance company will run an investigation as to its cause, particularly since they do not want to pay for a vehicle that someone has burned the car to fraudulently avoid paying for the car or who is in the midst of repossession.

Can a repossession still be reported to your credit if the company has since sold the car?

Yes, because reguardless of what the company did after they took back the car, the fact still remains that it was repossesed.

What are my rights if a commercial vehicle is illegally repossessed?

Well, first, you'd have to explain how the repossession was illegal. There really isn't any such thing as "illegal repossession"... repossession is a legal process by which a lien holder can recovery property which does belong to them in response to a delinquency of payment or violation of the contract.A vehicle which has no grounds for repossession but was taken was not repossessed - that's theft, plain and simple, and if that's the case, then you'd file a police report, an investigation would commence, arrests would be made, and you'd either recover your vehicle or get an insurance payment if the vehicle was unrecoverable. I'm guessing that's not the case, since you're asking this question here.State laws on time which a delinquency must continue for before seizure of assets can be made varies by state... if this law was violated, then you're going to have to lawyer up and take the legal route against the lienholder (the repossessor is not liable in this instance, as they are contractors following the instructions of the lien holder).A criminal act on the part of the repossession agency has occurred if...A locked gate is breached in the course of the repossession.A secured building is unlawfully entered in the course of the repossession.A vehicle other than the one being repossessed was entered without permission during the course of the repossessionProperty damage occurs during the course of the repossession.In the case of a commercial vehicle, a cargo payload is taken with the vehicle.A trailer attached to the repossessed vehicle which itself is not up for repossession is taken with the vehicle.In those instances, a police report needs to be filed. However, if the repossession itself is legit, that still won't get you the vehicle back.

If you had a repo in the past can you still buy another car?

Yes, this is not only possible, but if you were responsible and surrender the vehicle for repossession it can be quite easy. I have had both a voluntary repossession as the result of a BK, and a voluntary lease surrender for the same BK. Since that time, long, log ago, I have had many vehicles, and many vehicle loans. At first I of course paid higher interest. But even that reduces with time and a good history.

How much freon in a 1997 cavalier?

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Can your boyfriend add you and you still keep your own insurance policey?

He can add you as a driver on his policy, but your vehicle cannot be added since a vehicle can only be insured by one company at a time.

Is it legal to repossess a car from someone's personal property such as their yard or driveway?

Yes. Since the vehicle is no longer the property of the former owner, the lending institution is allowed to have their agent (repo man) recover their property for them. Their agent is allowed to go anywhere that is not fenced, locked or otherwise restricted. If you deliberatel hide the vehicle or prevent the lending institution from gaining acces, it can be considered a form of theft, since the vehicle is no longer yours. * In addition, if the lender has obtained a replevin order the vehicle must be surrendered. When a court order has been issued the agent may enter a locked area or posted area or do whatever necessary short of physical violence or property damage to seize the vehicle, cutting a chain and/or a lock is not considered property damage. Be advised, in most states attempting to hide or prevent repossession of a vehicle where a replevin order is in place can create serious legal consequences for the borrower.

Do you tell the boss you got a speeding ticket in the company car?

It might if your company requires it. It really doesn't matter since the ticket is tied to your license number and not necessarily the vehicle you drove. They just happen to write down the vehicle description that you were in at the time.

I am going to be a commercial truck driver for a local company; do I have to have additional insurance, or do they cover it since it's their vehicle?

If the company you are going to work for owns their trucks than they will already have them insured.

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Do you have to repair a car deemed totalled if it only has cosmetic damage?

This comes up a great deal. The auto policy states that the insurance company will at their option repair the vehicle, replace the vehicle, or pay the actual cash value of the vehicle. This option belongs to the insurance company. The way it generally works is that there is never a replacement so forget that part. That leaves repair or pay the acv of the vehicle. If the cost to repair the damage of the vehicle exceeds about 70-75% of the ACV then the company will choose to pay the value of the vehicle. The vehicle then belongs to the insurance company. Sometimes you can let the adjuster know that since the damage is cosmetic only you would like to keep the vehicle if at all possible and they will usually work with you.

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Who is on the check from the insurance when vehicle is totaled?

Whomever the car is titled to. You will have to sign the title over to the insurance company since they essentially bought the wrecked car from you.

How do I get car insurance when I have taken over someone's car loan?

You need to make sure you have a written contract buying the vehicle and that the finance company or bank has changed the name on the contract or I would not recommend taking over a car payment. The reason is that the vehicle is not yours in any way or fashion. It belongs to the other person even if you are making the payments it still belongs to them. For this reason, you cannot insure a vehicle you do not own. The insurance company cannot pay you if the car is totaled and they cannot pay the other person because they don't have an insurance contract with the company. Sometimes the company will make an exception if you have a contract with the seller.

Uninsured finance vehicle has been stolen Cancelled insurance because car was being repossessed by finance company?

You still have rights to recover the vehicle. The finance company may help you look for it if they're desperate enough to get it back. Even if your car was insured, you would legally have to payback the finance company for the car since you broke a binding finance contract.

Is it illegal for a tow truck operator to open a vehicle to release the emergency brake in order to tow?

No it is not. Most states are considered a "self-help" repossession. This means that a repossessor can legally repossess secured collateral as long as he does not breach the peace. This can include removal of a vehicle from private property since the repossessor is allowed to "peacefully trespass" to remove the secured collateral.

What do you do if your car is damaged by the repo agent?

Once the bank has declared the loan to be in default and has initiated the repossession process, the vehicle becomes theirs to dispose of as they see fit. The agency towing the vehicle becomes the agent of the bank, taking possession of the property of the bank. After the repossession, if you and the bank work out terms for you to regain possession of the vehicle, you do so from the bank and the vehicle is returned to you without warranty or additional obligation other than the terms of the loan. Damage which occurred while in possession of the bank may be repaired at the disgression of the bank, but they probably won't cause trouble for the towing agency, since they want to maintain a working relationship with them. The bank will probably just tell you to keep your note current next time.

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What happens when you let someone with no licenses drive your car and they get in an accident?

The vehicle owners insurance company will most likely not pay the bill. Since the vehicle owner allowed an unlicensed driver to illegally operate their vehicle. The vehicle owner as well as the driver are both equally liable for the damages. The vehicle owners insurance company will most likely have to pay a negligence claim against the owner of the vehicle. If the insurer determines that their was fraud involved, such as intentionally failing to schedule a known driver to avoid premium then the Insurer may deny coverage under the policy.

Mothers death she a leased vehicle should you do a friendly repossession or just let dealer repossess it?

Either is fine since if she is the ONLY person on the lease then they cannot damage her credit. Whichever is more convenient for you. I would drop it off though since then it has less chances of being stolen in the meantime while the process of repossesion is taking place. Know what I mean?

Can you smoke in a company car?

It varies by state. In New York State, there was a debate ongoing about whether a company vehicle would be included as a place of work. They ultimately came to the conclusion for sleeper berth equipped tractors that they were not, since there was a living space within the vehicle. Your best bet is to look at what the laws are for your state in regards to this. Some states may look at them no different than any other vehicle, whereas others may consider them a workplace. Another factor to consider is what the policy is of the company which owns the vehicle, as well. They may prohibit it, even if the state law does not.

Can a repossession agent enter US government property to recover a vehicle?

Since it is a US Federal Government, you treat like as if it is a military base. The repo guy can not be on the property. It is considered as trespassing. They can not sneak inside there and they can not try to gain access to the property. They repo guy have to get permission to be on government property. * True, the repossession agent needs permission to enter a military base. That, however, is very easy to come by through the AG office. Repossession agents are well aware of what is necessary and will show up with the required documents to recover the vehicle. The only government land that a repossession agent can not gain access to without a court order and permission from the Tribal Council would be a Native American Reservation. * And adding - really just a call or two to the base office is all that is needed to not only get permission, but frequently their help in assuring recovery. And that anyone on the base has gotten that involved in something, if not nefarious at least problematic/attention getting, making them suseptible to blackmail, can mean the problems won't end at losing the vehicle!

Do you need a license for car insurance?

Yes since you need a license in order to drive. There are instances when a company will issue a policy to a owner of a vehicle if there is a reason for you to not be a driver of the vehicle.