Best Answer § 18.2-115. Fraudulent conversion or removal of property subject to lien or title to which is in another. Whenever any person is in possession of any personal property, including motor vehicles or farm products, in any capacity, the title or ownership of which he has agreed in writing shall be or remain in another, or on which he has given a lien, and such person so in possession shall fraudulently sell, pledge, pawn or remove such property from the premises where it has been agreed that it shall remain, and refuse to disclose the location thereof, or otherwise dispose of the property or fraudulently remove the same from the Commonwealth, without the written consent of the owner or lienor or the person in whom the title is, or, if such writing be a deed of trust, without the written consent of the trustee or beneficiary in such deed of trust, he shall be deemed guilty of the larceny thereof. § 18.2-101. Selling, etc., of goods distrained or levied on. If any person fraudulently sell, pledge, encumber, remove, destroy, receive or secrete any goods, chattels or other personal property of any kind whatsoever that has been distrained or levied upon, with intent to defeat such distress or levy, he shall be deemed guilty of the larceny thereof. (Code 1950, § 18.1-108; 1960, c. 358; 1975, cc. 14, 15.) Any person who shall take, drive or use any animal, aircraft, vehicle, boat or vessel, not his own, without the consent of the owner thereof and in the absence of the owner, and with intent temporarily to deprive the owner thereof of his possession thereof, without intent to steal the same, shall be guilty of a Class 6 felony; Ver True, i consulted with the commonwealth attorney's office on this matter and Ms. sally head of economic crimes division said they will prosecute.

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Q: Is it true that it is a 3rd degree felony if you keep a car that is in repossession in the state of Virginia?
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In any state medication without a prescription is a felony

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