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Is it true that the US never lost a major battle in Vietnam?

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Yes, it is true that the U.S. never lost a major battle during the Vietnam War (note, though, that there were engagements in which the ARVN, fighting on its own, was defeated by the Communist forces). One of the most frustrating legacies of the Vietnam War is the misconception that the U.S. military "lost"; in actuality, the U.S. won every major engagement and maintained a 5:1 casualty ratio throughout the war. A prime example of the kind of myths that surround Vietnam is the Tet Offensive, which many incorrectly think was a Communist victory because of Walter Cronkite's infamous (and inaccurate) editorial at the time; in actuality, the Tet Offensive was a decisive military defeat for the Communists. Despite U.S. victories in all the major engagements, the North was ultimately able to win the war by essentially waiting out U.S. involvement. A sizable segment of the American public began to conclude that the war wasn't worth the cost and support waned, dividing the country and pressuring the government to pursue a policy of "Vietnamization" under which American troops were withdrawn while the ARVN was built up so it could assume responsibility for defending South Vietnam itself. Once U.S. involvement ceased in 1973, it was a formality that the South would fall, which it did in 1975.

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How many battles in Vietnam did us win?

The U.S. armed services lost not one major battle.

What battles have the US Marine Corps lost?

The United States Marine Corps has never lost a major battle in its history.

What is true about the Vietnam War?

we lost every battle

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the French lost the Vietnam war

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Yes, the Chinese ruled Vietnam for 1,000 years until 939 AD, China was defeated by Vietnam and had lost control over Vietnam. Vietnamese soldiers and civilians in Vietnam were ruled by chinese soldiers and then finally the vietnamese soldiers fought back against the chinese soldiers and China lost the significant battle against Vietnam.

What was the policy of containment in Vietnam?

Korea was the FIRST "Hot" battle of the Cold War. Vietnam was the SECOND "Hot" battle of the Cold War. The Communists lost (or stalemated) with the first battle, but won the second battle. The communists were contained in Korea. They expanded in Vietnam.The policy of containment in Vietnam was a US foreign policy to contain and isolate the spread of communism to neighboring countries. If communism were not contained in North Vietnam, then South Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand would inevitably become communist as well.

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What was the second battle of the Vietnam War?

Unless the battle was "newsworthy", common firefights (battles) were not normally acknowledged by the media. Translation: Vietnam's "first" or "second" battle has probably been lost to history.

Was it logical for the US to engage in a war of attrition in Vietnam?

Vietnam today is as it would be if the United States was never there since politicly that was was lost by the U.S.So it was not logical in the first place.

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Lost in time. Please ask sensible questions.

Did France loose the Vietnam war?

Yes. Vietnam was a French colony. They lost a Vietnam War and were thrown out of Vietnam before America tried to win a war in Vietnam. America also lost a Vietnam War.

What was lost in the Vietnam war?

The Republic of South Vietnam.

Who was the confederate general who never lost a Battle and started the KKK after the war?

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What importance did the battle have on the union and confederacy?

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