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John Cena Will Win The WWE Championship At The Royal Rumble But Will Lose It To Sheamus At WWE Elimination Chamber.

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The World Heavyweight championship. In 2010, Edge came back and won the Royal Rumble. He chose to face the Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

Yes. He will be in a WWE Championship match at Royal Rumble in January.

he wiil be back in 2011 royal rumble

after the Royal Rumble about the same time as last year

yes he will at the royal rumble ethire him or christan

To be honest i don't think he but i would not count it out, if he does come back he will be entry 30 and most likely to win the match and go on to wrestlemaina 26 and win the WWE championship or the World Heavyweight championship.

He is going to come back at the royal rumble 2014 and win it oops that was supposed to be a suprise.

yes he came back in royal rumble 2010 and he is winner of royal rumble 2010.

its going to be teiple h hes coming back :)Alberto Del Rio.

Undertaker will be back at royal rumble 2012 at number 40 and after winning it he will headline wrestlemania

he is coming back at the royal rumble

triple h will come back the monday night raw befor the royal rumble so he can be in the royal rumble match

a rumor has being going around that he will come back at the royal rumble in 2011. I hope.

He clearly won it at Royal Rumble. YES edge is a loser

Triple H didn't come back on Royal Rumble, but he returned on Raw February 21, 2011.

some people say he will come back in TLC 2010 and some say he will come back at royal rumble i think Jeff hardy will at royal rumble I HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I generally heard the same thing, he may not come back but if he does he will most likely come back in TLC or in Royal Rumble, I also heard a rumor that he was going to return in a new PPV, breaking point i think, next year.

i did read he comes back for the royal rumble

He is coming back at the 2011 Royal Rumble.

yes he is. he came back a while ago

John Cena came back from a pectoral muscle injury to win the 2008 Royal Rumble as entrant #30.

well we don't know yet but a lot of people are saying Jeff will be coming back before the royal rumble to fight in the 30 men royal rumble. but still no one is 100% sure. and then again some people are saying he is coming back on the royal rumble night to go to wrestle mania 26 and he will also be fighting in TLC against edge who hasent come back yet either.

Edge is coming back at WWE Royal Rumble 2010.

No, he only came back to win the royal rumble.

yes probaly at royal rumble

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