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Is living with someone basically the same as being married to them?

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Without commitment. No it isn't the same. Living together is simply a sloppy way of acting like a married couple without the responsibilities. Many people will argue "Well, it's only a piece of paper! Big deal!" It's not about the legal piece of paper, but it's committing to someone you love and what better way can you do this then by committing to marriage. Anything else is a cheap way to try and get what you want without taking responsibility for anything. I'd rather live on me own .... it's simpler that way.

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When do I Have to get married?

You don't have to get married at all. However, if you live with someone, maybe even have children with someone, being married gives you greater rights and makes inheritance easier if one of you should die for instance. Insurances may also offer better cover for a married husband/wife than for someone who's only living together.

Can you receive communion if you are divorced?

In the Catholic Church, if you haven't attempted another marriage without the previous marriage being determined to be invalid and are not living with someone that you are not married to, you can.

What is the state of living together as man and wife without being married called?

its called, a live-in relationship.... in a word it's concubinageIsnt it like being someone partner Answer Common Law marriage.

Why do you marry someone?

Because you can't live with out them not being married to you.

Is it okey if someone ask you to marry them when your still married?

Unless they are not informed of you being married it is nonsensical.

How does polygamy come into being?

Someone who is already married marries another person, or someone who is not married marries two or more people at the same time.

What is worse having your lover die or being married to someone else?

Not being secure with yourself.

What is marital relationship?

"Marital" pertains to "marriage", and being married to someone.

How long has the pope been married?

The pope is not married, though it's not technically forbidden for a pope to be married; any male Roman Catholic can theoretically be elected pope, and if he was already married, then he'd still be married as pope. In practice, the chances of someone who isn't already a high-ranking ecclesiastical official (and thus forbidden to marry) being elected pope are basically zero.

What are the difference between single and being married?

When you are single you are on your own, and when you are married you have someone that you love to spend the rest of your life with you.

How is living together compared with being married?

Marriage is an institution in which interpersonal relationships, usually intimate and sexual, are acknowledged in a variety of ways, depending on the culture or subculture in which it is found. But that does not mean that such acknowledgment from family/friends/society is necessary for two people to begin a life together.If you are happy being with someone, and love them, you do not have to be married. But if you are going to marry someone, it is easier and meaningful when you love them.

What are three advantages of marriage?

1. You have someone to talk to all the time, and talk about your issues with them. 2. You can share your financial wealth. So basically you have more money and financial support. 3. You can start a family without it being a crime (e.g. you not being married)

How does a child get into the foster care program?

a child gets into foster care program by living in a bad environment which is basically being mistreated at home by yours parents or maybe your siblings or possibly someone else in their family.

When a couple has been living together for 2o month but was not legally married do they still count as being married?

Not legally, but they may seem like a married couple already.

What constitutes cohabitation?

Living together as a married couple but not being legally married. Spending the night at each others place is not the same thing.

Definition of unmanageable?

The word unmanageable basically means that someone will not listen to directions. They are difficult to mange because they do not like being controlled by someone else.

What is a one word substitute for a man and woman living together without being married?

The word is cohabitation.

What composes a healthy lifestyle?

working out, eating healthy ( the proper amount), being social. Basically living a balanced life.

How do you handle to self when falls in love with guy already married but he loves me back?

You move on and find someone who is not married and stop being a homewrecker!

Any one being forced to love someone?

Yea about 96% of all married men!

Can someone file an affidavit of marriage without being legally married?

You would becommitting perjury.

What are the signs of someone being bullied or trying to kill themselves?

The people are having a lot of stress and are basically emo.

Can you test positive being in room where someone smokes pot?

Yes, it's basically second hand smoke.

Was it god's intentions for us to be married?

Yes it was Gods intention that man should take a wife and be faithful to her. Living together is not being married in Gods eyes.

What does having a baby out of whitlock mean?

It is actually having a baby out of wedlock which basically means that you are having a baby without being married.