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Luck is an English term that we use when some people get a lot without having to work for it. Perhaps they have won a vacation, got a promotion at work when they haven't put their all into their job, won a lottery, etc. Whether one dislikes or likes a person really has nothing to do with it. Some people do feel others have a lot of luck or "horseshoes up their butt" as we say in British Columbia. Life isn't always a very fair balance and none of us knows why. For some people everything they touch seems to work out for them or they make money at it, but for some of us we have to struggle to get what we have. I never really let it bother me. When one is successful or famous there is not one of them that can't say that 100% of the time they have been honest, sincere to those around them and have stepped on a few bodies to get up that ladder of success. For those that make money from scratch I always applaude them. Some self-made millionaires I've known have had to work very hard on what they have and deserve what they have, but they also lose a little because they don't have time to enjoy the simple things in life. It's a decision people make. I ask myself the same thing as to why some people have luck and others don't, but then I look around at what I have and feel I'm very lucky. I have a wonderful husband, good family (very small though), wonderful friends whom I've known for 20 - 30 years or more and have 2 dogs and a cat I enjoy greatly. I also have good health. I appreciate nature, art, music and feel at peace with myself. Of course being 65 always helps. LOL I am truly happy for many people that have a good turn of luck. I think if all of us are paying attention Lady Luck hits us once in awhile. More people should look around at what they have and see how lucky they are (whether middle class or poor) because as long as you have people you love around you how can one feel unlucky! Because of envy, plain and simple. Resentment is a stressing trait and should be cast out of your heart. You to can have success if that is what you strive for. Everyones gauge of success is different. No. Luck is a real thing. Think it through. If you had 10 coins and you threw them all in the air 20 times, you would find that some coins landed heads up more than others. You may have one or two that actually landed heads up EVERY time. You would call these the "lucky" ones. In life we get the same things. Lots of chances are made day by day. Being faced with an event that chance plays a part in happens more often than we thing or even want to admit. It's part of our need to feel "in control" even when we're not. (Which is also why people feel safer driving than flying even though the truth is the opposite) A little story. I had always had bad luck with cars. I had always bought American cars. Every car I bought was a lemon - TWELVE lemons in a row! Then I bought a used Mazda. Never had it in the shop once in 5 yrs. I bought a second used Mazda - keeping the first. STILL no problems. I figured my bad car luck was gone. So I bought a used Ford truck. A week after I bought it it broke down. I have replaced about 15 parts in it and guess what, it's broke down again right now. STATISTICALLY the Ford and the Mazdas have the same records. In fact, Ford OWNS Mazda. BUT - guess which kind of car I am buying next...... No one "makes" their own luck. Someone may win the lottery repeatedly while you never win a penny. Or you just happen to buy the poorly made car more often than the next person. Some people simply win at the game of chance more often than others. If it weren't that way, the only other thing that could happen would be that we all win at equal rates. But that's not realistic any more than tossing those coins into the air and each coin getting exactly the same number of heads and tails as the next. While it's true, that the law of averages would eventually smooth that out, you don't know if it's going to take 10 coin tosses, or 10 billion before your numbers work out. And in life, we only buy so many cars. The error many people make is to look at the past luck and use it as some kind of predictor of future events. This again is caused by our need to control things. The fact is, it may be the very next coin toss that evens things up. Or it may not be. And that itself is simply a matter of chance. That person who wins a scratch off lottery 3 times out of 10 tickets may think that they could buy 100 tickets and win 30 times. And they might. Or they might just have crossed that line and bought 100 tickets and not won a dime. My next Mazda may be crap. My next Ford could be great. But even I have trouble dealing with this built in need for control and I will most likely buy a Mazda again based on my previous experience. In short, others may become more successful than others through sheer luck. In fact, it's a statistical certainty that some people will be luckier than others and that someone has to get the short end of the stick. Some of the luckier ones will also have worked less hard and less smart than some who are at the bottom. But that doesn't mean that it will remain that way and it is no excuse for failing. If you are not winning the game, don't complain about other's being luckier than you. Instead, goout and figure out which game it is that you will be lucky at. You may find that it's in a place you never expected to find it.

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Q: Is luck a word we use to explain the successes of those we dislike and why?
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