Is manufacturing explosives base or acid?

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Its an acid

Are explosives very acidic?

Yes, extremely. The yellowish smoke of a high-velocity explosive is mostly H 2 S and H 2 SO 4 .. Before modern percussion fusing confined gasses largely inside brass cartridg

Is hydrochloric acid explosive?

Only if you add in another chemical. The process is really easy. Get some aluminum tin foil (or even pop rocks) Scrunch a lot of small bits of it up and put it in a bottle.

How are acids manufactured?

It depends on the acid. Organic acids can be manufactured through oxidation or carbonylation of other organic compounds. Sulfuric acid is produce by reacting sulfur dioxide

Do explosives contain sulphuric acid?

No. Sulpuhric acid may be used in a chemical reaction with other things to MAKE explosives, but explosives do not contain sulphuric acid.
In Refrigerators

How are explosion proof refrigerators manufactured?

Explosion proof refrigerators are manufactured encased in steel. Their cabinet interiors are sparkproof with a non sparking magnetic door gasket with foam in place.
In Paper Production

Is manufacturing paper a base or acid?

There are both basic and acidic paper making processes. Differentones are used for different grades of paper.